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I wonder if it was a sign?
  Benzooor, Jul 07 2009

edit: stupid.

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50NL HU - Beast Mode
  Benzooor, Apr 16 2009

This is going to be a very good savings acct as I found out my job is being outsourced in a month....

If only I hadn't played so many damn MTT's

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Stake in 270$ HU
  Benzooor, Apr 12 2009

Looking for a stake in the 270$ HU SCOOP today.

Here's my graph at 50NL HU

Send PM if interested

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Headsssss UP
  Benzooor, Apr 06 2009

Since Last Monday -- all 50NL HU

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Bankrolled Again
  Benzooor, Apr 05 2009

Last week I missed 3 days of work b/c i needed to drive my mom back and forth to radiation..

Well Monday I was bored and had 70$ on stars so I decided to play some HU rather than grind micro stakes; went on a heater and ended the day at around 300
Tuesday I 3-tabled Jose Torres and won ~7 bi's and ended the day close to 800
Wednesday I 3-tabled another reg, guy with the cookie monster as his avatar, and won 9 BI and ended the day at 1300

Went to work THursday and Friday, didnt play

Saturday played a bunch of tourneys and got pwned at HU, dropped down to ~900
Today I was getting owned and down to 700, and 3-tabled this guy.

Owned him so hard ;P I wasn't in for more than maybe 75 in any of these tables.

+ Show Spoiler +

Ended the day around 1300.

It's still not comfortable rolled for HU by any means, though. I think I am going to buy HEM (I am so sick of PT3) and maybe play some 6max for a while, or grind FR for some FPP's.

Good Luck to all

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John Juanda before he made it big..
  Benzooor, Jan 08 2009

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Another update
  Benzooor, Dec 29 2008

need to post a few pics on here to show them to someone later -- they are funny so I might as well share here

Poker-wise, still grinding out 5/150 at CA, have been super busy with finals + work + holidays, so I haven't had much time to play. Tuition and christmas dented my roll quite a bit, too. Going to play some tonight - the edge is so sick at that game. If I can stay patient, that is..


4chan is so disgusting at times, but so utterly hilarious at others.

Good luck to all of you in the new year!

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It's nice to run good sometimes
  Benzooor, Dec 05 2008

Raised to 50$ in a 2/5$ live game with KK, got called by 34s, flop 446, he let me bet into him two streets and I hit a river K. mmmmmm

Super-loose guy waiting to get into high-stakes game somehow ends up with KK against my AKs when we get it all-in PF, and I hit an ace. mmmmmm

In the last two months, casino profit has paid for rent, all of my food, put the down payment on my new car, and bought my christmas presents.

Why the fuck am I still going to my 9-5 job? Lol, I have 3 paychecks just sitting in my bank account because I haven't used them.


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Live Poker Again..
  Benzooor, Oct 21 2008

Went back and played the 5-150 again on Sunday. This time I'm trying to keep the image of nervous young kid so that people give my raises credit, and then some guy that I played house games with sits and about 5 minutes later starts blabbering saying yeah this guy makes a ton on the internet! Called out :

Some crazy asian came, called 300$ (I made it 50, he made it 150, I made it 300 which is max I can raise, he flats) - insta-shoves over my 150 bet on K high flop and obv hits two pair to own me. Worked the rest o the night to make it back and cashed about 150 up. Still, the place is a gold mine. I see myself there quite often in the future.

Can't stop listening to this song today. This is a great cover:

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  Benzooor, Oct 19 2008

It's been said over and over before, but jesus, casino poker is so easy lol

My girlfriend's out of town for the weekend and I got off work early so decided to go down to Casino Arizona's poker room and play their 5/150.

It's basically 3/5 spread limit, 150 is the max bet, 350 max buy-in. Kind of a lame structure, but apparently true NL is illegal in AZ?

I bought in for 300, and my table was gold. Nobody really raised, there was only two people sitting who covered me, it was so simple to just raise in position and let them check/fold every flop. I did dip a while when my top set got owned by some old lady who chased a straight to the river, but meh.

I think half of the table hated me, especially because I was asking a lot of newbie questions since I had only played in a casino twice before, but I cashed 1350 after about 3 hours of ownage Might go back tonight.

Online, I built a roll playing 100NL HU over a couple of days heater, now just playing 50nl 6max and really trying to work on my game. The new responsible gambling thing that stars has is really cool, set a max limit for your tables. So it's really effective against things that used to get me in trouble, like seeing a big fish sit at 1/2 - 2/4 HU. Not even worth looking anymore!

O and I satted into the Sunday Warm-Up twice (2 for 2 on these 6-max 86$ sats with two seats and 3rd gets money back, good deals so I'll probably have about 100k in 9 or 10 hours.

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