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PropBet and new goal revealed :P
  BaB, Nov 09 2007

One more goal: Cut my body into the best shape ever.

-This goal is in progress for over an 5 months already (i'm exercising every day for about 45 minutes). BUT Following the yesterday prop bet with my friend i'm even more inclined to workout my body in the best shape ever in "no time" for lazyness. Who is going to have bigger biceps in 1-st of June 08 is going to win a bottle of whisky + get together and clubbing without expenzes in looser town (we are not seeing each other for a long time, so its going to be awesome whoever is going to win). But the fact that im now like 1 inch "smaller" and my friend is really in love with his ego iam really motivated to use this in both way and there is no way in my mind to be a looser in this one :D I really wanna see him cry :D

I'm not a newbie in gym anymore, but any good tip is always appreciated. The biggest obstacle is going to be an diet, thats for sure, but there is nothing i can't handle nowadays

The bet is coming in the best time for sure. Im building my home gym for like a month and iam really in love with my new way of living.


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October summary
  BaB, Nov 08 2007

Well, i quess i should write down some progress so far. It's over a month till i what happened? I was going through some rough times in October. Firstly i dropped down from 2.3k below 1k and had to grind NL50 for some time. From than i skyrocketed to NL200 and my BR reached 4k$ for the first time. Well sound good?...Yea, but than the worst downswing hitted (dropped 2k in 2 days) and started NL50 again :D Have to say, i cleared like 4-5 bonuses on Tower and in fact iam still up just because of that. Reaching 100k hands for this month was not real, because of moving to a new place so i couldn't play as much as i planned. Played around 80k hands.

Overally this month was a BIG dissapointment although there were a good times too ( NL200 grrr :D)

PT stats:
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Goals summary:
80k hand - little less but its ok
NL100 is beatable for sure
Overaggresiveness is still a case...
Tilt is still the case...atleast in some days (loosing is depressing...)
Banking just for far not bad, but looking for improvement soon!! :D

Goals for september:
80k Hand.
NL100 (stop with progressive BR management....NL 200 with 25 BI).
Clubbing twice a week atleast
Dancing lessons twice a week.
Wing Tsun training twice a week.
Stop my wuss attitude :D
Enjoy new city ( Brno ).

Well enough for now, wish u luck on tables cya.

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Short September summary.
  BaB, Sep 30 2007

Hello there, just Short summary about September results:
- I've played like 100k hands for about 5 hours a day. Started with 500$ (NL25) and finished with 3000$ (NL100).

Followed the 15xbi ( - 3bi go down again) in moving between stakes.
-From NL50 falled down like 5x.
-From NL100 falled down like 4x.

Cashed out 1000$. Current BR 2300$. So iam rolled now for NL100 and going to play 8 table at towergaming. Hopefully ill be able to grind out bonuses atleast, which should lead for insane profit even if i'll be just breakeven (+-4,5k$).

No graph, neither statistics, because PO suck on Tower and its not accurate. It's usable in play but statistics are badly updated and incorrect when playin more then 4 tables .

Goals for October:
100k hands
Maintain NL100.
Be less aggresive!
Tiltfree :D
Bankin 30% of BR

Edit:Looking for Demonoid invite. Feel free to make me happy, thx!

Cya BaB

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just a test
  BaB, May 17 2007

Well i didnt update my blog for a long time. This is going to end right now. I spent last month plying less poker than i hoped. But i runned really awful for the first part of month and my feelings were far away to write something. My bad luck changed drastically at the point when i reached 1700 BR and switched my stake to NL50. Althought i played just like 5k hands, im up 1000$ and feeling great:D .Going to invest some of my money on coaching. Looking up for lessons from Joeik and maybe some from IDDa. Hopefully i grab some new ideas and improve my game.

Im going to make some videos of playin NL50. In czech language for try. Maybe sometimes i make video in english. I really think, this is gonna force myself to play my best game and because im just 4 tabling lately, it has no downsides.

Stats for NL50 so far on Empirepoker (without like 1k hand on Betson poker).

Free Image Hosting at <a" />

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  BaB, Apr 16 2007

Well i played a lot for last 3 weeks and i am going to review my progress so far. I've been playing mostly on Party poker lately because i like their software ( fast, easy to multitable, resizable by choice,PO without troubles..). I only lack the fact, that they are not offering any clearing bonus like some other sites do (hollywood/tower are best for micro NL gamers i thought).

OK, so whats happened interesting? I tried NL 50 for a few days, but it was not any good and i had to move down (twice or maybe three times). I can see, something major is wrong with my game, after like 70K hands i can easily see (PO) how badly i am overplaying cards like AQ,AJ,AT,KJ,KT,SC and i see this as one of my biggest leak in my game. It wouldn't be that bad if i wasn't such an aggressive jerk... My post flop aggression is far to big (4,8;2,4;2,3) mainly because i am trying to win every pot on flop/turn (river bluff) so often. Its good strategy if one want to get know, whats going on overally in poker (because when u play like this for a long time u start to see, when to bluff or start to see what a fisshy players u are trying to bluff sometimes).But for me its clear, that im overplaying so many types of hands, that i am happy that i am still in positive cash balance.

My biggest leaks:
1) Overplaying hands like AK,AQ,AJ,AT,KQ,KJ,KT,SC ... sometimes playing for stack in raised pot...dumb.
2) Too aggressive with my good hands on turn vs aggressive opponents.
My aggressive style means something like Push or Fold = 6% went to showdowns , this is what i don't understand. How could some of the top players have this stats 20-30% ? Here is my Database of last 40k hands. Could anyone check my stats and give me some advice, what to change to make my play better?
During these 40 k hands i tried 2 strategy. First Loose aggressive style (30 vpip, 27 PFr, 4 APF) and tight aggressive (20/17/4). Looks for me, that on low stakes is better to be more tight and add some more tables instead of playing more hands and be less likely able to multitable. Any thoughs about this?

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

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1. week NL25/10 Hollywood/Party poker
  BaB, Mar 25 2007

I played like 12000 hands for this week mostly on Hollywood poker, NL25 shorthanded. Luckilly i've got free 65+75$ bonus for free from party poker(some clearing NL10 involved), where i played like 6 months ago and luckilly checked my email i didnt use for months :D.

So here are my results in numbers for first week, started from tuesday 20th of March 2007.

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  BaB, Mar 25 2007

Well, hello everyone, nice to be here with you :D I'm starting to write this blog mainly because of curiosity and because of sharing my thoughts about poker to wider public. In addition im going to play really a lot of poker for next 3 months, so some history comes handy for sure for me as well.

I think i'm pretty decent player, who is gaming poker like for a year now. I played Starcraft for like 5 years ( CDS)BaB ), so my ability to multitabling is pretty good and i feel like if i´m created for games like Poker :D Cashed out something like 2k $ so far. Well, its not much, but better than nothing. I was never playing for my own money, started with liquid poker free money on party.

Main reason Why am i writing here, seem so me like if i need some "pressure" on myself to be able to cover next 3 month of my gaming and liquid poker is very good place to acomplish this. Its good to know that im not alone who is probably be going to read and check my progress. In addition i will train my english skill ( sorry for it, i know... ).

So whats exactly am i writing about? In brief i'm going to play like 8 hours a day for next 3 month. Started in 20th of march 2007. I would like to cover here every of 12th weeks who is going to pass and be able to analyze my progress.

Why am i doing this? Well, im in situation, when i have quite a lots of time, have a need for some money and have the guts to try this. Next reason is, that im going to finish the neverending story in my mind : should i play poker, am i good in poker, would be poker profitable if i played fulltime and so on. At the end of this period (3 month) im going to resolve, whats my next move in my life.

My starting possition is: 350$ on hollywood poker, mainly FR player, but im going to play SH. If things goes well, looking to play NL50 at 1500$, NL100 at 3500$.

All comments are welcome, it would be great to discuss my progress with people whose going through similarly journey or are just curious/wanna help/abuse :D.

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