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Trials, Tribulations

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hate poker right now
  lazymej, Dec 13 2009

always feel so violated on weekends when the games are best

eat shit and die pokerstars

that is all

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long day..
  lazymej, Dec 05 2009

..of breakevenaments

God I spew so much in non-sd pots wtf /wrists

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100nl confidence issues
  lazymej, Dec 02 2009

up until recently I've been confident that I can beat 100nl, but it just seems that I'm facing 3bets, 4bets, flop or turn raises, flop or turn check/raises, floats all day long, especially when I have marginal holdings.

I really don't know what's going on it just seems that there's tons of monkeys. People say that there isn't much difference between 50nl and 100nl but it seems to me that the aggression is stepped up tenfold at 100nl.

I've played a ton at 100nl in the past and I used to counter this by being a FPS spew tard myself, which caused me to break even for long periods of time, but am I just running into tons of hands?

Not really sure what to think, when I watch videos and sweat people I don't really see this happening to them but a lot of the time when I play the same games I just get shit on constantly.

That being said I've only returned to 100nl for a few days now, maybe it's just variance and I should grind through it? It's really making me feel my skills are inadequate though, especially post flop.

Some people have suggested coaching and it might be a good idea, idk. Thoughts and suggestions LP?

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november 09
  lazymej, Nov 30 2009

This month I finally started trying to take poker seriously again after a several-month hiatus, a hiatus during which sometimes I had myself convinced that I had quit and probably wouldn't play again.

I've had lots of mixed feelings during this month. As some of you may know, 100nl 6max was my regular game before. So in order to ease myself back into the grind I started playing 50nl 6max 4 tabling and my plan was to win 20 bi at that limit. I put that plan in place for a couple of reasons; for a discipline aspect, and in order to prove to myself that I could still beat the limit consistently.

However I ended up failing in the discipline aspect. Since I was crushing 50nl so hard, I decided to take a shot at 100nl with only 10bi won. Well, that was disaster and I ended up spewing my whole month's winnings (40-50 hours of 4 tabling 50nl) in a single hour, in a glorious mixture of run bad, play bad and fancy play syndrome. 40-50 hours, destroyed in a single hour. Strangely I didn't feel that badly about it and set out to rebuild the next day.

Well since going to rebuild things have been going fairly well, and I'm playing 100nl again. I had a big winning day yesterday which was very nice. It was a +5.5 bi session in only 3 hours. I definitely ran well, but more importantly I'm happy because I feel I played pretty well.

Can't say the same about today where I was just shit on repeatedly postflop and had to make a lot of folds. This results in a shitty red line which really annoys me to no end.

It's so retarded.

In any case, here is my November graph:

So the month summarized:

[x] started playing again
[x] beat 50nl convincingly
[ ] stick to my plan
[x] got raped at 100nl
[x] now winning at 100nl

gl all

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help me build a pc!!
  lazymej, Nov 29 2009

so I'm thinking of buying a new system because my current one is driving me crazy. It's starting to struggle with just menial tasks (which it shouldn't, but it does anyway) and it BSODed on me in the middle of a session yesterday.

I have no idea where to start because I don't know what the market is like for computers today in terms of component models etc. I'm looking for more of a value system, something that can run most games but I don't need it to run at 45435 fps, just be able to handle it.

It wouldn't really be a gaming PC either, just something that multitasks very snappy while browsing, playing music, playing poker, running HEM and autoimport etc.

I heard about intel i5 and i7 and i don't know what the difference is. Is intel > AMD now? ATI vs nvidia?

I just really want some suggestions on processors, motherboards and graphics cards since the other stuff is pretty trivial i guess.

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poker update
  lazymej, Nov 24 2009

well I haven't made one of these in a while since I've been playing sort of on and off.

Started grinding 50nl again overrolled just to get back into the swing of things. Was doing pretty good, 5 ptbb/100, until this weekend where I just ran pretty bad and also played sub-optimally. So I thought it would be a good idea to move back to 100nl (where as some of you know I've played a ton of hands before, nothing new). Didn't work out so good. Combine the run bad+play bad+move up stakes isn't really something I recommend you do.

So for your viewing pleasure (and for me to T_T when I look at) I present to you the "gg-my-month" graph:

red line starts sloping down this weekend and the almost 90 degree cliff is 100nl. Fun times.

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  lazymej, Nov 13 2009

why do i spew so much T_T

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  lazymej, May 19 2009

Because everyone loves recovery graphs.

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It's been a while
  lazymej, Apr 11 2009

Since I've had such a good session. I run like dogshit and swing like Tarzan always and got kicked in the balls at 100nl today on iPoker, so I decided to have a nice relax-session at 50nl on stars. And oh how nice it was. I ran well and played well. Usually one or the other is missing (mostly the run well). It's been so long since I've had a session with a graph so beautiful, it makes me happy If for only a short while..

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MTL casino
  lazymej, Apr 06 2009

Sorry guys, this isn't a trip report

Just wanted to know who's played the brick and mortar tables there since it opened last week? I passed by there on Friday night with a friend, hoping to play some but they only had 3 tables of 1/2 running and a 46 person wait list... so ya that didn't happen.

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