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so im goin to TI
  Arirang, Jun 01 2015

um hi lp.

i used to post autistic shit here and i was really bad at poker.

so like ~2yrs ago i made the decision to go to korea to play dota, and i came out a loser time and time again.

i lost like every tourney i played in, got 0-7'd in some philippine lan, it was rough shit.

but today, after all the failures and shit, i made a small progress.

i'm going to TI5.

i lurk still, and i like it here because i can relate to you guys more. There's a lot of insights that seem to pop here and there amongst the first gen and second gen gamers that are maturing and moving on with life. Never change LP.

anyway, thanks guys.

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i found jinro guys
  Arirang, Dec 24 2014

upon search of local gyms, i found him

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more updates
  Arirang, Nov 18 2013

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Korea & Dota update
  Arirang, Oct 01 2013

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is monetizing off of torrent allowed.
  Arirang, Sep 03 2013

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What should I do.
  Arirang, Jul 14 2013

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lmao fuckin toronto
  Arirang, Jul 08 2013

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30-40% of your winning
  Arirang, Jun 25 2013


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i met kenny
  Arirang, Jun 02 2013

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pachinko questions
  Arirang, May 03 2013

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