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so im goin to TI
  Arirang, Jun 01 2015

um hi lp.

i used to post autistic shit here and i was really bad at poker.

so like ~2yrs ago i made the decision to go to korea to play dota, and i came out a loser time and time again.

i lost like every tourney i played in, got 0-7'd in some philippine lan, it was rough shit.

but today, after all the failures and shit, i made a small progress.

i'm going to TI5.

i lurk still, and i like it here because i can relate to you guys more. There's a lot of insights that seem to pop here and there amongst the first gen and second gen gamers that are maturing and moving on with life. Never change LP.

anyway, thanks guys.

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i found jinro guys
  Arirang, Dec 24 2014

upon search of local gyms, i found him

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more updates
  Arirang, Nov 18 2013

Well, I was gonna pretty much stop writing here about my stuff in Korea because I don't really want to be that guy that's sort of shitposting on a poker forum, but I guess there's enough interest so I'll give another update.

Our team ended up placing fourth in the first season of Nexon Sponsorship League, and was chosen as one of four teams to represent Korea against the international giants that were visiting Korea to loot us free. We were against Team Liquid and Fnatic.EU, to which as expected, we lost horribly. During this event, I met Jinro who came to support his club, and we shared a few words. A little puzzled, he asked me why I wasn't FXO. I suppose he was curious if I am so good as I presented myself, why am I not on the best Korean team. I don't recall what I told him, I don't think I said anything remotely intelligible. But the reason, if not stated correctly then, and publicly spoken for all to know because what the fuck ever, is that the captain of that team does not have a great opinion of me. There's obviously more at play here than that, but that's the gist of it.

The team quickly dissolved after placing fourth in NSL. We've had three students, one teammate who dropped out mid tourney and had to get replaced, and other internal issues to deal with. It was a team that was quickly thrown together just for NSL that happened to get serious, and go further than expected. We parted ways without regret or enmity towards each other (for the most part anyway). One thing that I do feel some regret about is the fact between two matches against Liquid, two matches against Fnatic.EU, two matches against Startale and two matches against MVP, we practised one day. The result may not have been too different had we practised, but that's not the point. It was just unfortunate that the players had midterms to deal with, as well as some other personal shit.

Anyway, I let my team know even before our ro4 game that I will be leaving team. Some might consider this to be unwise, why not wait until at least ro4 game was done? I purposely did this to allow them most time as possible to find a new team for season 2 if they wanted to, because all of this was coming to an end soon, and other teams were already looking for new members. I didn't have a plan either, I just let my team know first to provide fair chance. I think it would've been scumbaggy if I had an opportunity then let my team know later.

By then, I didn't have too hard of a time finding teams to join. Many teams were unhappy with their arrangements throughout the season 1, and were looking for a change. Inevitable when it comes to team games I suppose. I had some options to consider, and I ended up choosing one and letting all others teams know that I've made up my mind.

Unfortunately, three days before the sign up for season 2, I got booted. At first, I was okay. Then as I found out that many boats have sailed because things have changed drastically in a week's time (for one, Startale's win over FXO-turned-fOu), I started to feel really depressed... I started questioning everything... about my personality, my skill, what am I even doing here in Korea... were all my efforts in vain, and am I gonna have to jump in on season 2 without much in prep again? It was bad. Thankfully, I had good friends to console me and I recovered in a day's time. I was initially upset in that I had to consider teams that I had zero thoughts of joining in the first place, but then I realized that that's really snobbish and stupid. Sure, it sucked, but I still had a great opportunity and it was senseless to sulk.

Just for clarification, the whole boot thing, I don't feel any hate towards the captain who did this (or in the least, I know not to). Sometimes, you need to be treacherous to be a good leader, and I must also take responsibility in giving him the reason to drop me. So, I'm alright. He apologized, I understand his position, yeah I'm still a little salty, but he watns the best for his team and I'm not part of the picture he has in his mind so what can you do. Besides, him and I are still going to be family, so no senseless need of bridge burnery.

Oh, which brings to my team situation - I'm going to be part of MVP1 (and that other team who dropped me will be MVP2). In fact, I just came back from a 3-day-adventure at the MVP gaming house, which was a pleasant experience. Not gonna go into great detail, but the gaming house environment is pretty legit. I get to see the LoL guys when I'm there, and they're pretty cool. They have a very serious, professional attitude and they can grind games, man... I mean, they come back from a tourney through like 4-5hours of travel... then fiend pubs. The SC2 section is funny because all you hear is the sound of 300apm on mechanical keyboards. Only, there are like 3-4 guys doing that shit, so it makes quite the noise (just from keyboard sound alone which I find hillarious).

One thing I do worry though is that while I am not a big believer in the two big archetypes of introvert and extrovert, I do enjoy the quietness, solitude and privacy. Sadly, gaming house naturally robs such things from me and I suspect I'll be struggling with this. I've had trouble sleeping in the last three days already and I only hope that I would ease into it quickly.

I guess since the decision coming to Korea for dota, I've been making a steady progress. I've already experienced a lot of cool stuff, and is now a pro although on a weak team (work in progress guys, at least the club is awesome). So, yeah, not bad so far I guess. I think that about does it.

Wish me luck in season 2 guys.

p.s - I met Xian (the 2013 EVO champ!), Zhi, EG.Momochi, Infiltration and NorCal's Hoodaman at Capcom Asia qualifiers in Korea. That was cool :D

p.p.s - OnGameNet will play that batman music in the background while playing a match to blot out the crowd noise.

tldr; lots of shit happened but in the end i joined mvp

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Korea & Dota update
  Arirang, Oct 01 2013

TLDR at the bottom for the lazy

So I made this thread on July 14th. Good amount of time has passed, so I suppose it's due for an update, of sort. I'll try to explain as best as I can even for those who don't play the said videogame.

I did decide to leave for Korea, solely for dota. My shot with Startale unfortunately didn't work out for a reason beyond my control. Whatever, I had other prospects so I ended up with some other team. A team that I soon found out that it's just not going to work out. Feeling a bit frustrated, I tried out for another team, and this team actually had a clue as to what was going on because it was being lead by a player who's had a taste of what's real. I snapjoined the team and we are still together as Underrateds' (Believe me, I didn't make the name).

I suppose for the most part, we are doing okay. We've been practicing pretty much every day for about 4-6hrs, and up to like 10-12hrs on weekends. All of this without having a gaming house and many of our members being students. This sort of dedication and commitment is certainly unheard of in NA, and I am very grateful for that. To give you guys an idea, a team that is a favourite to win the Full Sail MLG basically never practice outside of their actual tournament game. A team that is paid for travels, hotel and a shot at winning 10k, and a satellite into a bigger tourney, basically don't practice. I mean, for what it's worth, that team is probably stronger than our team, but that's beside the point.

Anyway. Our team's been doing fairly well. We qualified for Nexon Sponsorship League, which has an interesting format. There will be total of three seasons, and the winners of previous seasons cannot participate in the next. The prize money is massively skewed towards the first place per season (like 95% of prizemoney is 1st place), and it's 100k, 80k and 60k. Basically, winning the second season of Sponsorship League would be like being second place in the event. Anyway, we were successful in securing one of four top seeds for the tournament by going undefeated in the pools. We also just finished our last ro16 game, winning all our games again as we make it to ro8. We won't have games for about 15 days.

Here's my eSports swag. Blaow! Well, there are a lot of articles on like every site with a bunch of pics and shit every time we win a game but like it's sort of meaningless because the games are largely a joke (so far). There are vods on Beyond The Summit TV and JoinDota of us, but none of the games are really worth checking out thus far.

It was my first time entering the booths. And I've learned a few things:
A) Booth can be pretty hot, but has A/C.
B) As we have no sponsor at the moment, GOM TV wants us to look very presentable and professional by giving us uniforms to wear. We must wear it.
C) We must wear the 600 dollar headset within the booth. It's really just okay. Our captain has issues with mic but he's forced to use it which is funny to me.
D) Booth gear is pretty ass. At least the chair, keyboard, mouse, mousepad etc. I suppose they expect you to bring your own.
E) The middle of the booth sucks for setaing because there's like this... gap that goes across the middle, and my chair's wheels get stuck it in and it's so goddamn tilting.

So yeah, um, some decent success but it's really nothing to sing about since I am fully aware of the reality of it all. None of this really mean anything, but it is a start and I'm thankful of that. The real challenge will happen from ro4, when we meet Startale and FXO, who aren't necessarily great in grand scheme of things, but is going to be a tough opponent nonetheless.

What's more, OnGameNet has announced to soon bring in foreign teams to trash the Korean scene and boy, I can't wait. I'm not necessarily intimidated, I think I am capable, but that doesn't help from the fact that literally nobody is ready, not even FXO, the best team in Korea. But the gears are rolling, and things are getting interesting here in Korea, fast. Korea's got some stepping the fuck up to do, and I hope I'm going to be part of this ride.

Shoutouts to those that have given me the courage to take this step. You know who you are.

>in korea
>doing well
>but im real, our team's still ass and i know it, but it's a start and it's a good start
>foreigner teams are gonna come and take korea for free, halp

check my nerd ass blog for lengthier read on stuff of stuff:

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is monetizing off of torrent allowed.
  Arirang, Sep 03 2013

Isn't that against the spirit of torrents? Torrent sites in Korea (for sharing Korean resources) are being monetized. Not directly, but indirectly. Literally every torrent sites in Korea are membership based, and downloading a torrent costs you points, to which you can gain by doing dumbass shit and basically selling your personal information to 3rd parties (signing up to shit).

What the fuck... this seems so wrong, how is this shit like this allowed. Isn't this totally against the nature of torrents? Can they take action? What the fuckin shit...

oh, and porn's banned in Korea. Like legit. You can't access any porn streaming sites.

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What should I do.
  Arirang, Jul 14 2013

So Dota2 is lauching in Korea and Nexon (the publisher) has promised 1.6mil prizepool for this year alone to promote its growth. It's difficult to say how Dota2 will turn out in Korea, but that's the least of my worries.

I'm a 24yr old manchild who still dreams of playing this game seriously. The thing is, I've pretty much given up on the dream because it's absolutely impossible in NA. It's not that NA lacks talent nor do I believe that I suck too much to make it. It's just NA does not have the right environment for growth.

But Korea.. Korea is different and it's giving me a new hope. First off, Korean dota is really weak, which gives room for players like me. They're looking to grow the scene, I'm looking to be part of it. In fact, several friends of mine are already there, and are part of top three teams. One of which was my LAN partner Febby, who is part of FXO now, and have just won NSL.

So why don't I go. Here are my fears...

School. I need to put school on hold if I want to pursue this. Which I don't think is a big deal for an opportunity like this, but it's something that my parents won't be too happy of. My relatives, especially my dear grandma won't be too happy to hear me putting school on hold for chasing a gaming career. I need to make this decision before September, before school starts again.

Uncertainty. I know how good I am, and am plenty confident in my game. But I'm largely a nobody. And while I have a group of players I'd like to go to Korea with, it is not realistically possible. I go there, I'm alone with little contact in a scene with limited talent pool (I mean, to give you guys an idea, all of FXO are from outside of Korea). So.. I have to hustle. I don't mind hustling... but for how long?

Which brings to my next concern; dosh. I am not the most robusto person around. I have student loans, and am currently working a slave job to help pay for school. Sure, maybe a month I can stay in relatives', and mooch off.. but if a month turns into a two.. and two turns into three. We have a problem. And ticket to Korea does not come cheaply. I'm on a timeattack to succeed.

So I have some time to think about this, at least until School starts back up. This does seem like a once in a lifetime kind of an opportunity, and my last shot at dota. Perhaps my mind is already made up, and am already looking for options. But I come to you LP anyway with my problem, looking for advice because a lot of you have already walked this path and have graduated. Many of you guys are much wiser and more experienced than me.

Sorry for the messy read, if you have any questions regarding the situation, I'll answer. Hopefully you guys can help me reach an answer. Thanks.

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lmao fuckin toronto
  Arirang, Jul 08 2013

nearly 6hr power outage in like .. 70% of Greater Toronto Area LOL. The entire day fuckin wasted.. hope shit hits the fan harder tomorrow so no one goes to work. I got a day off anyway but it's more fun when everyone else is having a day off. 10 years ago we had a blackout too ( That was fun. A lot of neighbourhoods got all their meat and just bbq'd LOL. Was hoping blackout happens until tomorrow noon so we have a neighbourhood bbq again hahahahhaahhaah
for lulz.

in another news, i attended another LAN in toronto by It was the best LAN i ever attended. Got second place cuz I choked, but the opponents were also very good players. Toronto had always traditionally been really fucking strong in dota for some reason. The team that won this random ass tourney is good enough to go to The International if they actually tried. We lost our first game, and crawled up from losers to finals. Will write more lengthy nerd blog in my personal blog thing later if anyone is interested.

i went to niagara casino on Canada day weekend, and it was sorta ass. Few years ago when I went, all the tables were full with tons on waiting list. That day,.. the tables werent even full... was sorta ass... and i recognized some regs i saw few years ago. Which filled me with mixed feelings. There was a man who was really pleasant, cracked a lot of jokes and made the table really fun for everyone. I wish I were that man, with such talents. But I am not quite as suave as he is with words. I lost like $100 for an unspeakable amount of hours i played for.

also, is blackjack beatable? I read stu ungar beat the shit out of that game and im like man this game seems impossible as fuck to beat. First time playing blackjack. i aint much of a gambler.

wat a day it had been tho.

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30-40% of your winning
  Arirang, Jun 25 2013


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i met kenny
  Arirang, Jun 02 2013

from kenny vs. spenny.

i was gonna travel during summer, but i got a pretty good job opportunity, so i ended up working at some really cool taco place downtown Toronto (at Kensington Market) called 7 Lives. And uh.. fucking Kenny came in. He placed an order and said his name was Kenny. I was like.. "yoo... is that kenny???".. but i never said shiiit cuz some ppl look alike to celebs, and they likely get that shit all the time and it's tiring for them.

But one of our cook was like a massive fan and he insta-recognized him and we were like whoahoahwohaoaaa~~~ PIKTURE TIIIEM XDDD

so ya.

i've been looking at my old profile pictures since highschool days. I'm getting fatter and fatter, dear god. Worse, I can't even find a fucking gym, man. Fuckin, goodlife nearby is like, "non-commitment membership is 60bucks/month, with 60bucks registration fee" ya fuck u. Gym nearby work is like 100bucks/month.

this is so fucked, pay da money or stay fat i guess fuckkkkkkkkkkk. I just wanna lift guys.. wat the hell. Ya ya, I know. Start with just cutting calories. But I want to burn fat with lifting. Counting calories is mega depressing too since everything at a filling portion for my fatasss is like 800kcal. World is so imba for fatties like me halp.

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pachinko questions
  Arirang, May 03 2013

I know there are many kinds of panchinkos, but do they require any skill at all. I am aware that there are pro-pachinko players, and many more that ruin their lives due to addictiveness and (inevitability of loss) of pachinkos. Despite this, I'm also aware that there are a lot of guides and strategy books written about pachinkos, and to someone that have zero interest in slots of any kind, it seems all in vain.

But maybe I'm ignorant. I know that Daigo once turned to pro pachinko (perhaps, to little success since he's back in gaming?), which makes me wonder if there is indeed any depth in pachinko at all. I'm not interested in pachinkos, but it just makes me wonder how people get so caught up in it and there's a huge subculture within it.

Just wondering if someone can shed some light on it, thanks.

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