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Homage to northface
  all_in_4tw, Jan 25 2008

my new avatar:

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dual 53''
  all_in_4tw, Jan 03 2008

CTS's setup

sick -.-

happy new year every1

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$CAN dropping
  all_in_4tw, Nov 15 2007

as you probably know the CAN$ skyrocketed (up to 1.10US$) lately and canadian poker player lost a lot of money.

a couple days ago the CAN$ dropped from 1.07US$ to 1.04US$ (+500$ for me without doing anything) and right now the CAN$ is at 1.015US$ !! so probably another +500$ at the end of the day.

i received today via FED-EX a 4.2K US$ check and i'm wondering if i should cash it in right now or wait a couple more days ?? i need opinions

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short and sweet
  all_in_4tw, Nov 06 2007

played a short session and ran like god

quads 1
quads 2
nice call

im up 8K in the last month playing less than 10K hands because of the mid-session exams.. ship it !

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lol @ ESPN
  all_in_4tw, Oct 31 2007

in yesterdays episode of the WSOP horse event

omaha 8 or better
amnon filippi has AQJ6
board is 99Q
turn is another 9

Lon Mceachern comments: Amnon still has Queens up...

el oh el

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resizable table UB !
  all_in_4tw, Oct 30 2007

title says it all.. yay !

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WBCOOP donkament
  all_in_4tw, Oct 03 2007

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 8884342

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CTS is funny
  all_in_4tw, Oct 01 2007

CTS won about 60K from glove55(stevebets) playing PLO HU in a short time. glove then sat out and left.

CTS then started to talk with the rail..

MUCKEMSAYUHH: $20 for best freestyle about gloves
plo game
Oski_HHG (Spectateur): cuz its a bently
The Adulterer (Spectateur): well done man
Vlado G (Spectateur): glove is the best from the
agent007 (Spectateur): hahahahahaa
Vlado G (Spectateur): he playes poker like no joker
Felt Escort (Spectateur): what's best freestyle mean?
pierbreak bum (Spectateur): his game is wacky and i
wish he wud jus give up... he don kno wat hes doin
and i cud giive a fyuck
Oski_HHG (Spectateur): glove went up glove went
down glove aint nothin but a clown
rendall (Spectateur): man that dude glove he really
suck that dude muckemsayuh gonna make a quick
Terry_Garcia (Spectateur): glove plays like crap, thats
why he just got jacked
weedug (Spectateur): muckem plays plo like the ceo
of full tilt poker
Leo The Cat (Spectateur): glove likes to re pop it, with
naked A of clubs, like nut flush he copped it, but he
really needs to STOP IT
pierbreak bum (Spectateur): bring it
XxArt-VxX (Spectateur): THE
Illumination (Spectateur): wow u all really suck
SANDflush (Spectateur): glove tried, but hes just a
clown ... muckem caught him with his pants down
oober (Spectateur): glove spewing with the best of em
cant get a play to keep from losing em
Leo The Cat (Spectateur): cause ALL his doe is going
going straight into MUKEMS POCKET
rendall (Spectateur): that boy cole south he is so cold
gonna take all of gloves money and put him in a hole
Leo The Cat (Spectateur): HOLLA
KenBall1950 (Spectateur): muck im gay too stop
living a lie
Leo The Cat (Spectateur):
FishRoller (Spectateur): yo glove, sux it rele hard, his
momma walks like a fat tub of lard
KenBall1950 (Spectateur): come out of the closet
System: The $14,000 Guarantee ($24+$2 NL Hold'em)
will be starting in 7 minutes.
lintingting (Spectateur): cole great game man
Leo The Cat (Spectateur): read that MUCKEM... scroll
lintingting (Spectateur): u destroyed him
MUCKEMSAYUHH: ha not bad guys
CoopDaddy1 (Spectateur): MUCKS CREEPIN LIKE A
Vlado G (Spectateur): muckem muckem they call him
no joker when it comes to poker he's the best out of all
the rest he get's no stress
Logos25 (Spectateur): glove think he good, but he def
aint hood, tried to clown muck em, and ct said **** em!
pierbreak bum (Spectateur): i kno
Leo The Cat (Spectateur): HOLLAAAAAAAAA
pierbreak bum (Spectateur): ima G
MUCKEMSAYUHH: leo tries every time this was ur
best one
XxArt-VxX (Spectateur):
MUCKEMSAYUHH: so ship it to leo
smokeybuzz (Spectateur): he's a punk who play like a
trunk wid no tire HE SHOULD JUST RETIRE
Oski_HHG (Spectateur): i like Oski's best
rendall (Spectateur): dammit lol
oober (Spectateur): baaaah
Leo The Cat (Spectateur): GOOD LOOKING
XxArt-VxX (Spectateur): SICK
carwich (Spectateur): u deserved all his money from
that horrible beat vs your quads
MUCKEMSAYUHH: 10 to rendall for honorable

MUCKEMSAYUHH: ok $10 to first person who can
name master p's two brothers
agent007: jason
agent007: and steve
MUCKEMSAYUHH: hint they are also nl rappers
Vlado G (Spectateur): lol
KaptanKaos (Spectateur): cmurder and sillk
oober (Spectateur): ugh
matt2403 (Spectateur): yep
MUCKEMSAYUHH: kaptankaos
matt2403 (Spectateur): jason and steve
MUCKEMSAYUHH: for the win

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UB's BBJ tables
  all_in_4tw, Sep 26 2007

its now almost impossible not to play at a bad beat jackpot tables on UB (80% of the tables)

im really pissed

fuck UB

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  all_in_4tw, Sep 05 2007

ok so august was terrible because of a 3K downswing.. it sucks to win so little but i'm still happy i was able to come back in the green.

some HU hands are missing because i played them on another comp. i finished about +300$ in those

i also ran a half marathon last week. completed it in 1h33 wich is worse than last year because im not in my best shape right now. i'm working on this tho, i'll train 5 or 6 times a week during university.

here's a pic of me at the finish line.. after 21.1 kms of running:

im completely pwning the guy behind me, he was far ahead of me 200m earlier

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