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Buttcoin mining
  Silver_nz, Dec 25 2013

actually, litecoin mining;

Rigs currently running in my room, all using triple R9 280X Graphics cards

Hashrate isn't too bad today, have been solving some cooling issues with the open rack, on the lower PC, the last card overheats.

Close up on the plastic hobby box design, have been running this one since august

Heat extraction

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Awwww yea
  Silver_nz, Aug 20 2013

Just arrived in the mail, and I have some free time to get reading! C'est Super

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Super Memory
  Silver_nz, Sep 24 2012

I feel I should preface this with: "Nerding before birding"

So, after quitting poker (again) I'm looking to learn new skills in computer programming and language, and to support that I'm doing alot of study about memory, and memory techniques.
Flashcard software is allowing me to learn subjects really quickly, and retain the knowledge, and I want to talk about it.
Check it out:

The forgetting curve

We learn a new fact like "in mountaineering, the death zone refers to altitudes above 8000m" or "Japanese for vending machine is 'jidou han baishi'" Recall of a fact drops off sharply without repetition. So we make a flashcard for it, and repeat the exposure, then after the second viewing, recall drops off more slowly. and so on.

This pattern in human forgetting leads to the idea repeating the flashcard at just the right time. Too soon, and you have wasted a few valuable seconds on something you already recall, too late, and the memory pathway has eroded and it won't stick.
You might have heard that the best way to study your notes from a class is 2 hours after class, then 2 days after, then a week after that etc. This is how to get the material lodged in long term memory. doing a ton of repetitions at first learning won't make it stick in long term memory any better. Our minds need the space of time in between.

So this software called supermemo, basically keeps track of that time-spacing for each flashcard, and every evening I spend ~20minutes running through the repetitions it throws up. The flashcard question appears, I try to recall the answer as best I can, then I push 'show answer' and rate how easy it was to recall, from a rating of: bright, good, pass, fail, bad or null. This tells the program when to ask me about that flashcard again. It's actually quite entertaining to run through the days repetitions, because everything it throws up is just on the edge of recall, so its challenging. And if you are learning multiple subjects, you get alot of variation in questions. By letting the program manage what I cram, I gain alot of time to read new topics, adding key points to my supermemo library as new flashcards.

So basically this is super useful for learning anything, I'm currently using it to learn Japanese, SQL programming, Perl Programming, the mnemonic major system (might make another post about this) and some nice arguments I want to be able to remember from 'Fooled by Randomness'

Anyway, this is running a bit long, so let me end with a delicious quote from this article:
"The problem of forgetting might not torment us so much if we could only convince ourselves that remembering isn't important. Perhaps the things we learn — words, dates, formulas, historical and biographical details — don't really matter. Facts can be looked up. That's what the Internet is for. When it comes to learning, what really matters is how things fit together. We master the stories, the schemas, the frameworks, the paradigms.
The disadvantage of this comforting notion is that it's false. "The people who criticize memorization — how happy would they be to spell out every letter of every word they read?" asks Robert Bjork, chair of UCLA's psychology department and one of the most eminent memory researchers. After all, Bjork notes, children learn to read whole words through intense practice, and every time we enter a new field we become children again. "You can't escape memorization," he says. "There is an initial process of learning the names of things. That's a stage we all go through. It's all the more important to go through it rapidly." "

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Praise Satan
  Silver_nz, Jun 21 2012

Finally pulled the trigger.

Now I just have to deal with my crippling addiction to chess...

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  Silver_nz, Mar 01 2012

So, I've been watching a few LeggoPoker videos on Stroggs account (cause I am a too cheap to pay for it myself) And the Chess videos are amazing.
The coach, Curtains, is an international grandmaster who travels to alot of big live tournies in his quest to "not suck at the game" (even though he is already in top 100 in the world or something, heh).
He is very focused on making the correct play, and thinking things through, and making the best play. Also he is hyperactive, reminds me a little of day[9]. He was the guy who played Durrr for $50k in a chess game

He, somehow, makes exciting chess videos.

And its been helping me with poker, really getting me to re-evaluate my position in the a hand, and to figure out if I can do something like run a three barrel, or raise a river.
It's better than a poker training video. Rather than just doing what a video tells me, I am taking his approach/mindset and applying it to a HU match, and finding alot of creative lines to take.
Just talking in terms of kicking ass has made me more excited to play good poker.

Yep, thats it, having a bunch of new words to apply to compeditive situation has made me more focused at poker.

Phew, ok, I got that pinned down, blog is a sucess. thanks LP

P.S. My Graph for Feb. NL50 to NL400, HU 6max and FR.
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King of the Losers
  Silver_nz, Jan 29 2012

So Its the end of the prop bet today, deciding who has to embassas themself with public speaking to attractive females. And I am up only $500 in EV, Stroggos is up $2000 in EV

My face today:

we both ran pretty bad but stroggos crushed a few leggo coaches HU and made a nice comeback

graphs of my 'soft' euro site
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so all my imaginary money winnings came from PS this time
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So, now I until tormorrow when I hit the mall, I will be figuring out some good stories to tell to fill in 2 minutues with a random stranger. I am thinking of having a range of topics like: { Hipster music, running/health, things to do in Dunedin City } something like that. Just opening with "Hi" and asking if they have 2 mintues, explain the situation a bit, then when the convo drops, plug a story in the gap. And just aim for a lighthearted energentic tone overall.
Main problem areas are going to be "umm"s and "ahh"s, avoiding saying something retarded, and keeping confident body positioning.

Easy game? I hope so

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Penalty Stunts
  Silver_nz, Jan 17 2012

My flatmate Stroggos and I have extra motivation for the next 2 weeks. Grinding it out, who ever makes the least in $EV will have to do a stunt.

Things like Extreme Ironing in the freeway road island, or loser has to sing Rebecca Black in the city center for cash.

But for the first one we decided on something simple and good for personal devlopment: Loser has to talk to 5 hot girls in the mall, each for more than 2 minutes, without them walking away/ slapping/ calling the cops.

They will probably look something like this:

Going to be pretty hard to keep a convo with a stranger going that long with my current skills. Winner pays the loser a completion bonus of $200 which will help to even out variance a little, and make sure the stunt gets done.

Keeping he focus on EV is already making me play better and rethink some spews.
Going to play some monster sessions of focused poker so strogg has to deal with akward conversations!

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Jimmy Wales
  Silver_nz, Nov 15 2011

Is back in the saddle.

Donated $25, feeling warm and fuzzy now.
Just want to test if my donation badge comes up below

Support Wikipedia

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LP is still cool.
  Silver_nz, Jan 20 2011

Ket-ledgend home games, Edzwoo degeneracy , kairos pwning my old FR games; part of me wishes I could be back in the action. I could turn this laptop onto the google turpike and be in pokerstars in 2 minutes.
But I've made promises.
I'm just an automation trainee now.

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Personality Reads
  Silver_nz, Jun 05 2010


Some of the greatest scientific minds have attempted to unerstand personality tendancies, Frued thought that people were best grouped by the bodily oriface from which they dervied the greatest pleasure, Jung looked at the positon of the stars at birth, and Victorian maverick scientist John Galton looked at the shape of the skull.
Other scientist pursued different approach: to look at the words people use to describe others, and to find basic groupings from that. It began in the 1930s, by going through the unabridged dictionary, making a list of 18000 words. From amusing to abhorrent, benign to belligerent. The list was narrowed as best they could, later early computer analysis were applied, narrowing the list to 200 key words. Thousands of people were surveyed to rate themselves and others on sub-sets of these adjectives, and increasingly advanced statistical analysis was applied to the information. I the 1990's several independant large-scale studies, some in Chinese and Spanish, showed results, and found that they were identifying the same 5 core dimensions of personality. The Big Five
The groupings are commonly labelled 'Openness' 'Conscientiousness' 'Extroversion' 'Agreeableness' and 'Neuroticism' together they are the holy grail of personality profiling, easily remembered by O.C.E.A.N.
The attributes tend to remain unchanged over a persons life, and have been shown to influence consumer choice, performance in the work place, success in relationships and choice of hobbies.
But, what I am interested in is how it effects their decisions at the poker table. Aiming to get to that key of knowing what they are thinking, which will tell you how they will react if you do a certain action, like overbet bluff when their hand is likely a bluff catcher.

Factors In Terms of Poker

These are my guesses as to how this could be useful at the poker table. Your ideas would be most welcome, dear reader.

Openness- (inventive / curious vs. cautious / conservative). Appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, curiosity, and variety of experience.
I have a rich vocabulary.
I have a vivid imagination.
I have excellent ideas.
I spend time reflecting on things.
I am not interested in abstractions. (reversed)
I do not have a good imagination. (reversed)
I have difficulty understanding abstract ideas. (reversed)

Identifying this factor in a player could tell us about and how straightforwardly they will play their hand. And how adaptable they will be if we put them in tough spots, or how much metagame will effect them. E.g. If they can't even imagine that someone could be 4bet bluffing them, then we might be able to get away with it several hands in a row.

Conscientiousness- (efficient / organized vs. easy-going / careless). A tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement; planned rather than spontaneous behaviour. Inquisitiveness.
I am always prepared.
I am exacting in my work.
I get chores done right away.
I like order.
I pay attention to details.
I leave my belongings around. (reversed)
I make a mess of things. (reversed)
I often forget to put things back in their proper place. (reversed)
I shirk my duties. (reversed)[30]

If we could identify a high level of conscientiousness in a player It could tell us if he will be likely to make big folds? or at least that he will be able to stick to a plan, if we can figure out the plan he has we can know how to play against him.
Low conscientiousness would lead them to not being careful, and I think would make them much more likely to call down to see the cards, because they don't care.

Extraversion- (outgoing / energetic vs. shy / withdrawn). Energy, positive emotions, surgency, and the tendency to seek stimulation in the company of others.
I don't mind being the center of attention.
I feel comfortable around people.
I start conversations.
I talk to a lot of different people at parties.
I am quiet around strangers. (reversed)
I don't like to draw attention to myself. (reversed)
I don't talk a lot. (reversed)
I have little to say. (reversed)

This doesn't seem revelvant to how a person will play a hand of poker?

Agreeableness- (friendly / compassionate vs. competitive / outspoken). A tendency to be compassionate and cooperative rather than suspicious and antagonistic towards others.
I am interested in people.
I feel others’ emotions.
I have a soft heart.
I make people feel at ease.
I sympathize with others’ feelings.
I take time out for others.
I am not interested in other people’s problems. (reversed)
I am not really interested in others. (reversed)
I feel little concern for others. (reversed)
I insult people. (reversed)
I like being isolated. (reversed)

This might influence how they play a hand: those with alot of agreeableness might be more like to be socially pressure, could be asked to check it down in chat for sick angle shooting?
Those who are on the competitive end might be ones to have ego issues, or get blinked by thinking they are 'right'.

Neuroticism- (sensitive / nervous vs. secure / confident). A tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily, such as anger, anxiety, depression, or vulnerability. Emotional stability.
I am easily disturbed.
I change my mood a lot.
I get irritated easily.
I get stressed out easily.
I get upset easily.
I have frequent mood swings.
I often feel blue.
I worry about things.
I am relaxed most of the time. (reversed)
I seldom feel blue. (reversed)

Those with a high neuroticism score would be easily tiltable. Could make a special effort to make plays with implied tilt-odds. Or tilting comments.

Determining Someones' Types
The usual way is to take a personality test like this one:
but asking people 30 questions at the poker table might be a bit awkward. What you can do is observe them carefully, and after gathering a how they speak and act, run though the attributes O.C.E.A.N. and see if any stand out as high/low.
It may be that poker players are all fairly uniform personality type. At least the huge tilters probably go bust pretty quickly!

Anyway, This is just a brief overview and seed of ideas, if anyone wan't to discuss how this could be used, or why its totally inapplicable I'd be keen to hear it.
Next week, I might expand on this with a tendencies blog post of the categories I use when thinking about opponents

Fight on my Brothers in War

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