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  LemOn[5thF], Feb 14 2018

I've never really been one to use pre-session routines.

Feel like playing, tables are there?
Fuck yea I'm not wasting my time, let's jump in!

But let's face it, my volume has either been less than stellar to say the least if I play in a great state only.
Or great but quality would falter, and I used to be in this ever lasting hype/burnout cycle until I started 3-4 tabling over a year ago.

Well you know what?
Maybe it is time to do more cheesy shit that the mental coaches tell you to do.

As Zig ziglar said, it is much easier to stay up than get up.
Is motivation permanent? Well of course not, but neither is bathing and he's always said he hopes people don't give up on that either.

What triggered this though? Well I downloaded a Sia album for grinding
And here there it was, this gem of a song:

There is something about hearing the words and then seeing the lyrics on screen and singing along that really pushes it into your brain.

I started being that crazy person you definitely don't want to work out at the gym next to.

Hogging the elyptical machine
Breathing heavier than a poodle trying to pork Lassie
Headphones in ignoring everything besides the sweaty butts of people and couples playing squash on the court downstairs
And singing his madman karaoke to a song only he hears
While fistpumping the air, bobbing to the rhytm and drumming on the controls.

And you knwo what? I love it, I did the same in the morning today.
ignore everything else, put the song to the screen and sing and dance like a madman,
with an unplugged microphone in my hand.
and here you go - I'm ready to conquer the day and take on the world.

If only I could remember next time I'm on my way down so I can just stay up instead of trying to get up

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The Crypto of the Future!!!
  LemOn[5thF], Jan 13 2018

Much Investment
I just found the coolest, raddest sounding coin ever!


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  LemOn[5thF], Mar 04 2016

Sup LP!
We'll be doing a fun show tomorrow (Saturday) 21:30 CET/GMT+1 where we talk about Broodwar, Prague, and Pete reviews my 50 NLsesh

More info here:


Come join us!

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Stars Support ;)
  LemOn[5thF], Jan 08 2016

So imagine leave FPPS in Pokerstars account, they get transferred to starcoins, but not rounded up and you're small amount short of a cash bonus...You curse and write it off as bad beat, and keep the un-rounded up amount in there right?


I sent this to support instead

And well, this is their response

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Tommy Angelo tonight
  LemOn[5thF], Dec 10 2015

Hey guys, I'm doing a podcast with Tommy Angelo tonight 21:00 CET(GMT+1)

Stream will be at at

More info:

Trolls in chat welcome, you'll have to tune-in with a (free) Account

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Jared Tendler Interview
  LemOn[5thF], Oct 29 2015

Hey guys, I'm doing an interview / Q&A session with Jared Tendler tomorrow (Friday) 19:00 CET/gmt+1
The free stream ( no registration) will be here

You'll need to create an account and click "tune in" at the bottom where the info is at 18:50 to be able to ask questions though.

More info is Here

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Cool hand
  LemOn[5thF], Oct 15 2015

Submitted by : LemOn[5thF]

#Game No : 775402563
***** 888poker Hand History for Game 775402563 *****
$0.02/$0.04 Blinds No Limit Holdem - ***
Table Gijon 6 Max Real Money
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 2
Seat 4: mrbig_1973 $1.89
Seat 6: Hero $4.17
mrbig_1973 posts small blind [$0.02]
Hero posts big blind [$0.04]

Dealt to Hero [3h8h ]
mrbig_1973 calls [$0.02]
Hero checks
** Dealing flop ** [Th,7d2h ]
Hero bets [$0.06]
mrbig_1973 calls [$0.06]
** Dealing turn ** 4d ]
Hero bets [$0.15]
mrbig_1973 calls [$0.15]
** Dealing river ** 6d ]
Hero checks
mrbig_1973 folds
** Summary **
Hero did not show his hand
Hero collected [ $0.48 ]

888 Webcam table too. Too bad I started recording for the coaching only after i played it

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Ghosts of the past
  LemOn[5thF], Sep 18 2015

After listening to the book in my last post I recently come back to (non-strict by any means, more like mindfulness practices) meditations - reasons why I stopped in the first place are here:
+ Show Spoiler +

Anyways for months I have been taking a bus to visit my 91year old great grandaunt , and from afar I have always seen this strange building, wondering what the story behind it is and how to get there

Since I'm living in the present moment a lot more I'm looking for more experiences, and I've wikipedia'd a list of natural reserves, and searched for one max 40 minutes away from my flat to not disrupt my grind too much and found Barrandov Terraces.

Basically it's where the sea used to be some 170million years ago, and the cliffs you can see there were at the bottom of it. It's a very popular area for archaeologists it turns out, with trilobites being a common discovery there ( no luck).

So I walk along the path, and then see a tiny pathway leading through the bushes. Unbelievably a whole large area, completely hidden from sight was there, containing an abandoned swimming pool.

It was a really overwhelming feeling and I actually shouted out in amazement "what the fuck" with a huge grin on my face. This was how the kids most have felt when they entered the freaking Narnia for the first time.

I snooped around, and a long stairway from on the side of the hill that leads all the way to the main building

I've looked into it, and its a hell of a story. Basically, this complex was build in the 20s, and there is nothing else to compare it with than The Great Gatsby's mansion during the same era. The crème de la crème, the richest and most important people of Czechoslovakia would gather here in a bar open 365 days per year, and dance to the rhythm of swing, there was even a whole orchestra of the world famous R. A. Dvorsky playing there and the pompous guests would party until the morning, often staying for breakfast.

This is how the place looked in the heyday of it's glory

It was destined soon to change hands by none other than the Nazi's during the war. They again used for spoiling the heads of The Reich where they enjoyed their Czech courtesans. They even have build a rail-track to the place, just to to get the guests there more comfortably!

Of course when The Third Reich fell the complex was taken over by communists. Of course they nationalized it, and made a bold proclamation that it shall be returned to the common people. Unsurprisingly, that wasn't the case, and once more it was used to entertain the heads of The Party, and their foreign guests.

After the revolution the complex was returned to the descendants of the original mastermind and owner behind the project, Vaclav M. Havel (whom I personally imagine as The Czech Gatsby) but they've failed to take care of it. Soon it was closed forever, taken over by squatters and homeless people who eventually sent the wooden part of the complex, where for so many years people would drink lavishly until the morning, on fire.

Now when you walk through the desolate ghost town taken over by foliage and listen just hard enough, you can still hear the rhytm of swing, burlesque parties and moaning of courtesans distantly in the wind.

And that is the story, of Prague's Barrandov Terraces, and a time long gone.

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The full circle
  LemOn[5thF], Sep 11 2015

See my last blog, where I (and most people) are driven mostly by fear of loss, are anxious all the time, and actually need anxiety to perform at optimal levels, some more than others. This is my notes from last couple chapters from his book

In the book , Dutton outlined "7 Deadly winds" of psychopaths:
1) Ruthlessness
2) Charm
3) Focus
4) Mental Toughness
5) Fearlessness
6) Mindfulness
7) Action

People spend too much time thinking about what might go wrong, that they don't really live in the present moment. Living in the past or too much in the future makes the present decisions sub-optimal. E.g. people were faced with 20 coin flips where the payouts were -$1 and +$1.5. Normal people stopped taking flips most of the time at some point to "preserve winnings". Psychopaths took all 20 flips, and didn't have issues with e.g. killing one person to save 3 others etc.

He argues that psychopathy is very useful in the stressful modern world, more so in professions like: Surgeon, Lawyer, Stock Broker, Poker player...
The key is becoming a Method Psychopath Capable of stepping into these qualities when required, but still being capable of restraint so you don't end up chopping random virgins into pieces yet can navigate in the stressful modern world.

He draws the parallel with sports psychology and flow, where top golfers state e.g.

  Play like it is nothing when it means everything. Let go of mistakes in your head, even good shots, just focus on the next one. And forget about consequences as well
That's why athletes set e.g. process goals - it forces them to focus on the present moment and forget about the distractions of the past and the future.

Psychopaths have a natural talent for such things. For example, when they are faced with an extreme situation their heart rate goes DOWN slightly, and so do other tests - they are gearing themselves up to the challenge. They also solely focus on the task at hand, not even seeing the threats they could be fearful of - they are not courageous as they have nothing to fear, they just see the things needed to do in order to get what they want.


So what does Dutton Recommend you do in order to be capable to act more as a psychopath?
Yep. It's pretty much the first mental game material I came across, and what tons of nosebleed players are doing According to Ike Haxton - mindfulness and meditation.

  The practice of right mindfullness constitutes the sevenths step of the noble path, one of the teachings of Buddha written some 2500 years ago.

The Mind is deliberately capped at the level of bare attention, a detached observation of what is happening within us and around us in the present moment. In the practice of right mindfulness the mind is trained to remained in the present, open, quiet and alert contemplating the present event. All judgments and interpretations have to be suspended, or if they occur, just registered and dropped. Such training consistently applied eventually leads to the arising of insight and the qualities of dispassion, non-clinging and release. Psychopaths possess such qualities naturally.

Mindfulness based intervention has been shown to be a particularly effective meta-cognitive strategy when dealing with the symptoms of anxiety and depression, two conditions that psychopaths are singularly immune to. The therapy uses Buddhist teachings, but adds a kind-of Naive child like inquisitiveness which is strongly reminiscent of the core "openness to Experience" factor of the big 5 personality structure of which psychopaths score very high on. Anchor the thoughts entirely in the present, screen out the chatter of the past and the elusive future and anxiety begins to subside, perception begins to sharpen, and the question becomes one of utility, what we do with this NOW, this enormous, emphatic present, once we have it. Do we savor the moment like a saint or seize it like a psychopath. Do we reflect on the nature of experience or do we focus our focus entirely on ourselves, the the pursuit of instant gratification.

See Wh00zel' quote here:

  On September 03 2015 03:56 thewh00sel wrote:
Agree with approaching like an 8 year old. Be excited and intrigued at every option in every street of poker like a video game with no consequences except that if you die you reset your 100bb or w/e and start again. I definitely have all my best sessions with this mindset.

A study was mentioned of an emotional response test, where they simulated an explosion next to you. There was a reaction in every person, but hardcore Buddhist monks performing one of their meditation techniques - they were able to observe the thought, even notice it more clearly than others, but the measured reaction was miles lower than anyone else.

So the solution to be able to acquire the positive qualities of psychopaths seems to be mindfulness, living in the present moment - being aware of your emotions but merely observing them I see it now where I got hit by the largest 1 week downswing ever since I remember, clocking at some 24buy ins. The biggest effect is in that has is that it throws me off the focus on the present moment, on playing my hand as well as I can with distracting thoughts of past and projecting fear into the future - something a psychopath or a skilled Buddhist monk would never do. And it's the same when interacting with people, (chicks especially - In a podcast a PUA from "The Game" itself recommended meditation leading to aware situational openers as a way to go) Failing that, the last piece of advice came from a psychopath in a mental institution: The trick is mindfulness, or ,failing that, abusing your imagination into "What if I didn't feel this fearful way" and do the right thing anyway.

notes and little bits from the book as I typed them in my phone:

+ Show Spoiler +

P.S. I'm glad I finished this thing. It was a great listen, but there's loads of moral dilemmas like "would you strangle your own infant if it's crying, you and other jews are in a basement and if you don't the Nazi's are sure to found you out and kill the whole group" and I'm all about trying to feed my mind with constructive and positive thoughts, and it was pretty draining.
Just to mention: I got the tip from the book from this podcast on confidence and Anxiety, that changed my approach towards life to a very large degree:

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Random thought :)
  LemOn[5thF], Sep 01 2015

I'm listening to The Wisdom of Psychopaths audiobook and recently I've kept a journal where I think on paper about poker and then try to look at the stuff.

Basically I like the thought of W34z3l where he said something like

  you woulnd't submit a database of 50 hands to someone for analysis would you. Yet people analyze their mental game based on isolated thoughts and incidents of which they hardly keep any records

And through looking back at my history in various endeavors I one day realized that

  I achieve flow states best when pressed against the wall, when all is at stake, when I'm staring into the face of impending doom. That's when I tap into my awesome survivalist power and become capable of incredible feats

Basically I'm strongly motivated by seeing the bottom and avoiding it not by reaching to the top (of which psychopaths are an extreme example as the ones with tuned dials to the maximum ignore risk and punishment altogether. They are incapable of feeling anxiety.) and always have be it in top level sports, academia, sales or poker. It's just the way I was brought up. Question is whether I just accept that and keep putting pressure on myself in smart ways, manipulating anxiety levels to my advantage as needed, or if I try to slowly change my nature over time and attempt at becoming more gain oriented. The answer probably is a combination of both. This is one of the reasons why I keep checking cashier, and learn the most and put in the most volume when in a downswing or when my BR/making a living is under a threat generally, not when I have the opportunity to gain when I run well and can move up. I have managed to bring my anxiety levels way down this year, and am radically more comfortable with just being myself but the glance into the world of psychopaths showed me that I still have a long way to go.

So what do you guys think - do any of you recognize themselves in this?

I'm assuming the final chapters of the book will shed some light on how one can acquire the positive skills of psychopaths (he got himself made into one temporarily by EMP) , but if you were to bring a long term change to your core not just in poker, but in all aspects of life, how'd you go about it.

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