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where is "like" button?

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MadeInPolanD   Poland. Jun 30 2011 19:33. Posts 1383

cant find it :<

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Nacta   Denmark. Jul 18 2011 12:14. Posts 97

Why does everybody want a like button? I mean whats the point of it? What's the point of it? Even a post gets alot of likes it doesnt even mean that the advice was any good or anything. I just never understood the point of thos like/dislike buttons. I may understand if they used for comments on a website, but for a forum, why do you want that? It's really lame imo.

Just my 50 cent.


gororokgororok   Netherlands. Jul 31 2011 15:46. Posts 3940

i want a like button as well ((((((

alexander1   Romania. Mar 08 2012 06:59. Posts 3

We could live without it

vurna   . Oct 27 2022 21:51. Posts 124

--- Nuked ---


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