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MMA news thread

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Baalim   Mexico. Apr 10 2019 08:41. Posts 32897

holy shit... till 2012... GG dillashaw's career

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Baalim   Mexico. Apr 10 2019 08:46. Posts 32897

  On April 05 2019 07:20 Spitfiree wrote:
Thats too complicated of a topic especially when discussed with an American, a good amount of the women living in Islam countries are absolutely fine with the traditions and the way of life, thus its hard to define them as oppressed. The fact that the peer/society pressure is just holding those whole countries back is another topic. Also especially Americans have no right to lash out like you, since your country is the biggest supporter of the most oppressive Muslim country in the world and nobody bats an eye

thats so wrong... so if slaves are "ok" with being slaes they aren't opressed?

Its actually very easy to figure out if they are opressed or not... are they allowed by the government, society or family to not wear the veil.,.. if no then they are opressed.

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CamilaPunt   Brasil. Apr 10 2019 15:12. Posts 2350

its pretty annoying the fake health advertisement going on

dillashaw on joe rogan "ya i have this guru whos a genius and knows everything about me and my nutrition and sleep (steroids) and he is awesome - let me plug him in here a few more times so u suckers will buy his course ya- it really changed my life (EPO) after i met him i just eat amazing , weight cut is awesome and just everythings better..."

fuck you! funny thing a few guys called him out way before

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iakim322   United States. Apr 10 2019 19:20. Posts 1332

I read that there's a newer form of EPO that the tests simply weren't testing for before. That's prob what that guy was for. Guy seems like the ultimate shady quack. His statements about this after the fact sound like some 7th grader using a dictionary to distract ppl from his web of lies

TJ and his team deserve all the blowback coming. Such arrogance about his 'superior' training methods spouted by him and doofus Duane. EPO is at the top of offenses, not something that ever accidentally happens, and this prick was srsly fucking ppl up on it while being so incredibly smug about everything. He's also the guy that has a rep for bullying/going all out in sparring and being a dick about it. While on the ultimate juice

I guess having his entire legacy trashed by general opinion is enough given how crazy competitive he is. But he already irreversibly altered at least Cody's career. Ideally, they kept his samples, re-test them, and change his wins to No Contest wherever it came up positive

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Apr 11 2019 09:05. Posts 8773

  On April 10 2019 07:46 Baalim wrote:
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thats so wrong... so if slaves are "ok" with being slaes they aren't opressed?

Its actually very easy to figure out if they are opressed or not... are they allowed by the government, society or family to not wear the veil.,.. if no then they are opressed.

Exactly what makes it complicated, we'd essentially need a hardcore Islam country move to a liberal one without the influence of the West and see how wrong/right our initial claims are. I'm not arguing about the oppression at all, anyway wrong thread to even start this topic, lets keep it @ MMA

Cody could've reversed his path with his last match, he didn't. I felt like the guy is really good but has the weakest mindset of a potential champion ever and he proved me right. You really can't have a weak mindset on that level of sports, doesn't matter how good you are...

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iakim322   United States. Apr 12 2019 01:11. Posts 1332

Such a results oriented generalization. Cody's an emotional meathead. Doesn't mean he has the weakest mindset. Obviously the potential is there. The performance he put in vs the 135 GOAT in Cruz wasn't just skills. He was calm and collected there

Cody clipped/dropped TJ hard in their first fight before his spiral down. Who's to say the juice didn't help TJ recover so fast like he did? Rhetorical. Obviously it did.
And how incredibly different is your narrative then if TJ was ktfo there like he probably should've been with this hindsight now?

iakim322   United States. Apr 12 2019 01:54. Posts 1332

He did start fighting stupid again vs munhoz and he's admitted as much. But he very clearly got head-butted to start that process

Sounds like I'm making too many excuses for him and I guess I am. But man, he got fucked over/embarrassed on the highest level twice by a cheater of the highest degree

CamilaPunt   Brasil. Apr 12 2019 14:12. Posts 2350

cody should get so much fukin $$$$ from this...

some kind of insurance should be set up for these situations which happen quite often cause its fucking bullshit cody lost at least 10kk+++ from being the champ and all the extras that come with it

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Apr 13 2019 00:01. Posts 8773

Ehhh that would be the UFC's responsibility, but I doubt they could be arsed to pay insurance for all of their fighters for such occasions, plus imagine how much it would cost to set shit like that up. It's not exactly a "low" risk type of situation for insurance companies, and they are definitely not going to engaging in a money-losing scheme.

They could make it so that any fighter that tests positive in a given fight loses his entire purse and has to pay it to the other fighter, but that could also pose insane amounts of difficulty, cause a fighter could've already spent a good chunk of it prior to getting caught, thus they would have to be voluntarily giving the money back... you can imagine how that's gonna happen... so the UFC would have to now pursue lawsuits, which again I doubt they could be arsed to do.

Honestly, if the UFC wanted to deal with the situation they would've just gone with dragon measures e.g. having a 2-strike rule. First time getting caught your contract automatically turns into a 1 -more fight contract tops (unless its the last one). The second time you simply get banned from the organization. Fighters rely heavily on the money they get from the UFC, who would have the balls to throw their future out the window? Obviously should target actual enhancement tests, and not stupidass shit like Nick Diaz's ban from Nevada commission cause of smoking fucking weed. But as you imagine, the UFC doesn't have anything to gain from introducing that type of a rule so they wouldn't.

P.S. USADA will be testing old samples of Dillashaw, but I'm not sure if they actually have any from the Garbrandt fight, so we'll see. He could just retire if his suspension gets any longer

P.S2 This is the perfect time to give Cejudo a fight for the Bantamweight title and just completely disband Flyweight. Nobody fucking cares about Flyweight, why do they keep the divison ever since MM left.

P.S3 On a completely random topic- I hope they put a fight between Aldo and Zabit for the contender of Holloway/Poirier

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whammbot   Belarus. Apr 18 2019 20:13. Posts 345

Cody is probably also on roids. Would be hilarious if they caught him too. Dominick is the only clean fighter among those 3 imo

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PuertoRican   United States. Jun 04 2019 01:02. Posts 11513

- Alexander Gustafsson just retired from MMA.

- Jimi Manuwa just retired from MMA.

- "King" Mo Lawal just retired from MMA.

- Nick Hein just retired from MMA.

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Jun 12 2019 20:04. Posts 8773

First press conference of Khabib vs Poirier, pretty fun. Khabib already talks about fight with Ferguson and GSP like he has already beaten Poirier :D

alejandicto   . Jun 15 2019 17:46. Posts 819

Saw Bellator 222 Last night:
- Aaron picco got Knocked out again x.x
- Horiguchi beat Caldwell for the second time and now is the bellator champ
- Archuleta looked awesome against Dantas
- Patrick Mix still undefeated and easily submitted Bandejas
- Dillon Danis submitted a can and said he wanted Jon Jones or Rory McDonald lol
- Machida Beat Sonnen with flying knee nd punches, Sonnen retired t.t
- Rory beat Gracie and is going to rematch Lima for one millón dollars

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[GiTM]-Ace   United States. Jul 07 2019 04:08. Posts 1580

so weird not having a PR thread for a fightcard lol

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goose58   United States. Jul 07 2019 04:15. Posts 871

Anyone know of a decent free stream? Or did they all get shut down?

goose58   United States. Jul 07 2019 04:20. Posts 871

Damn, tuned in just to see Askren get KTFO with flying knee, wow, I'm such a fish

mstar69   Indonesia. Jul 23 2019 11:14. Posts 1

Wasn't feeling too hot about watching BJ Vs Fitch 2. whatevs

Raidern   Brasil. Jul 25 2019 03:10. Posts 4218

Where is PR?

im a regular at nl5 

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Jul 25 2019 09:34. Posts 8773

  On July 25 2019 02:10 Raidern wrote:
Where is PR?

literally 1 thread below :D

PuertoRican   United States. Jul 26 2019 07:06. Posts 11513

  On July 25 2019 02:10 Raidern wrote:
Where is PR?

I am still in Korea on vacation.

I return to California on July 31. Everything will be back to normal in August.

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