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BUG: smileys converted in URLs

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WhereDaHoneyz   United States. Jan 09 2011 05:30. Posts 29

If I try to paste a link like,

Then it converts the : and ( to a smiley.

I assume you're doing a search and replace on the URL. So you should probably replace all links with a placeholder (and keep them in memory), then replace the smilies and then re-add the URLs back in.

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SimplyNotSure   United States. Mar 12 2011 14:21. Posts 4

Have noticed that the smiley window overlays part of right edge window and that those smilies "die". They are not available as the underlying links over-ride them.
Check it out. About 25% of the smilies are "dead" that are displayed over the right edge window display.


Ps: All of the others seem to work just fine...


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