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RiKD    United States. Dec 27 2023 05:37. Posts 8397
Bro, it feels like I'm on DMT. I've died like 6 or 7 times. I've orgasmed 2 or 3. Fuck. Time has ceased to exist.

I do virtually the same thing each day. I don't know if it's a desirable existance.

I read the Bronze Age Mindset because I thought it might help me in some way. Just a fellow internet dude wondering why life feels so empty. I could definitely use steel and sun. I was actually making good progress in the weight room until I injured my shoulder than just sort of stopped showing up. I remember my shirts (XXL) stopped fitting in the arms and I was like damn this Greyskull really works.

I want to have sex. Good sex. I might start drinking again and smoking again. How am I going to have good sex with out drinking? My sister gets to grow 12 plants in her backyard! Drugs are there to lubricate the adventure. Alas, I'm not going to try to fucking drink or smoke again but I will try to have adventure where I can. Or, I am just too old.

11am - wake up
11:15am - bagel with cream cheese + coffee
12pm - spend some time online
1pm - read Bronze Aged Mindset or a Houellebecq
2pm - gobalagook for lunch
3pm - spend some time online
4pm - Bronze Aged Mindset or a Houellebecq

Then like what the fuck am I even going to do after dinner at ~6pm. Oh yeah, I take frequent naps. More time online and more Bronzed Aged Mindset or a Houellebecq. Then, I am told in Bronzed Aged Mindset to live like Alcibiades or Pedro de Alvarado. Alcibiades is quite epic and surely an exmaple of something. Alvarado was simply a cruel, greedy, murderous conquistador. Bronzed Aged Pervert (BAP) calls people on the left bugmen or vermin..... I am trying to find some meaning from the book because I am desperate. He draws from Nietzsche, Shopenhauer, and Bronze Aged Greece which is a good start. I feel like the rhetoric is just too bonkers although I don't think he is an out and out troll. I actually think he is quite brilliant with what he is doing here I am just not good enough to figure out exactly what he is doing here. It has to do with the far right (hard right) but I haven't figured it all out yet. I feel like Trump is already utitlizing its powers.

I obviously would like to feel more power but I'm out of the military. A military led ruling class eugenics project is out there. It has to do with the Overton window and negotiation. You put military led ruling class eugenics project on the table then something like fascism with stronger stance on immigration doesn't seem so unpalatable.

I'm falling into it too. The left isn't "cool" if these Peter Thiel operations backing the cool kids to make podcasts about how the left isn't cool and the new right is cool I'm falling right into it. And no one wants to be a shitlib.

I don't want military ruling class eugenics projects or fascists or Trumps but I do want politics to be exiting and I want to be "cool" but not at the expense of what can happen. We already have Milei going nuts in Argentina. Let's see how that turns out. And let's rewind a bit to Trump vs Biden. Two very sub-par presidents are going to duke it out again. Good grief.

And all I want is to just feel a bit more. The thing is I perhaps could get it from politics. I'm naturally going to pay more attention as everything ramps up. I'm just stuck in the house due to rain and it has been one too many days of the routine of it all just kind of catching up with me. I snuck out today for some fresh air it just needs to be more of that.

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RiKD    United States. Dec 27 2023 18:54. Posts 8397

It would probably help if anyone besides me read Bronze Age Mindset....

RiKD    United States. Dec 27 2023 23:05. Posts 8397

That's part of it too the right just yells at the left for being communist. There is no defense. "I am not communist..." "That's what a communist would say isn't it." Shitlib to communism it's all the "same."

It's the same on the left. Everyone is a facsist dictator. Well, everyone might be a potential fascist dictator. But, now the new one up a mililtary rulling class eugenics project. I don't think BAP is joking about this. They are just waiting for the next Napolean who has pale skin and blue eyes. Well bronzed skin because they will be out in the sun for 15-30min. a day. Someone taller than Napolean, more charismatic than Napolean, cleverer than Napolean. Neo-Napolean. Maybe more like a Cesear or an Alexander (The Great).

Then there are all these moderates that just want their life protected basically. Let's say there are 100 people in my dad's golf league. My dad said if you didn't use the words democrat / republican / trump / biden that everyone would agree on 99%..... Must be nice. The 30% percent.


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