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Daily Bowell Movement

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RiKD    United States. Nov 21 2023 04:15. Posts 8404
Wake up. Try to wake up at least. Bagel with non-dairy cream cheese. Coffee with oatmilk. Some sun maybe somewhere and the bowell movement hits at some point in time. We all poop. We all die.

I put a halt on all my reading except for I started reading The Shining by Stephen King. I never read a King novel before just felt intrigued to try one.

Also, Curb you gotta update me on whether Alan Wake 2 is the game or Control. I played the Max Payne's ages ago what a fucking trip those were.

I am hitting a period of NEETdom that starts to feel less focused. As long as my dopamine is getting hit in the right way I am letting it take me away. I have hit the wall on Baudrillard. This is true of both Baudrillard and also Heidegger. Sometimes I find myself in a groove where that is all I want to consume but going to something else and coming back I have lost the love affair. The Pale King by David Foster Wallace I have mixed feelings. Some of it is truly great but it is too much of a project that he was incapable of finishing. What is left over is kind of a mess. In some ways a beautiful mess but you can't convince me that we can all find meaning out of the boredom of doing tax returns. So, I needed something to just scramble it all up a bit and something new.

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RiKD    United States. Nov 22 2023 03:16. Posts 8404

I woke up and had a bagel with non-dairy cream cheese and some coffee with oatmilk. That is pretty standard. I didn't listen to any music though which I think I should even if my parents are awake and about. Had an ok bowell movement. I will die just like everyone else. Well, maybe not die like everyone else. I will die entirely how I will die but as humans we must die.

I mostly just lied in bed reading The Shining for most of the day. Kind of an interesting response with the signals of poop and death earlier in the day.

I kind of want to write something provacative but that is just not in me at this place and time. I took my dog for a walk. He peed and pooped which was nice. I took a nap. I've been playing my guitar more than usual since I have a lesson tomorrow and I don't think I am quite on top of the objectives.

These days have been going pretty similar lately. Not sure how many days like this I can go.


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