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miracles do happen

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lostaccount   Canada. Jul 04 2021 17:25. Posts 3543
2 lper who owe me paid me back their debt after 8+ years. I never expected that to happen and it wasn't a small debt too. one even paid interest 2.2x original amount the other just the balance. I forgot he even owe me money so it was unexpected. The money i got paid back feels like i won the sunday million again. Its not as much as a sunday million win but the money i receive felt better than when i came 3rd in the sunday million cuz money is kinda tight atm. Best bday gift ever. my bday is next week so will be going on a small trip with family. and neilly is so unstable, i lent him money again cuz im kind hearted. wasnt a lot 50$ for him to regrind the micro and he wasn't doing so well financially but he went off on me when i ask for it back cuz i see hes doing better. I hope ur well neilly. im grateful for God who gives miracle. this is a miracle someone u havent talk to for 8+ years paids u back a life changing amount of money. so bless never stress, to distress don't make a mess, i get down on my knees to feel at ease. thank u GOD

i have money but its out of my control, cuz i went manic before and was spending like crazy so parents took control of my money and they give me just enough money every month to spend. Now i finally have some bullets I control. having bad mental health sucks, have been struggling for 6+years but i finally feel normal again. anxiety can get bad sometimes but its a lot better than 8 years ago. I have so much free time now that i quit online poker not good for my mental health even if i make money.

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love life love othersLast edit: 04/07/2021 17:52

Ryan Neilly   United States. Jul 05 2021 01:37. Posts 1568

good for u john.

i gave it back and said dont contact me again because u just want to fuckin use me for money 24/7, u were tryin to get me to play mtts, i play cg for a living, its always u trying to make % on me, u used to laugh about it, ur still doing it, ur not worth my time, i wish u well, bye.

lostaccount   Canada. Jul 05 2021 02:09. Posts 3543

Lol use u I just offer u a deal 70/30 no makeup and u took it the wrong way…..but I wish u well Ryan no hard feelings. the f i know u quit mtt. i got some unexpected money so i thought i help u out with this deal cuz i know ur a good mtt. dont worry i wont contact u ever again and ur the one who message me for help and i thought this deal was gonna help u....
u have a good life man take care

love life love othersLast edit: 05/07/2021 02:39

Ryan Neilly   United States. Jul 05 2021 06:13. Posts 1568

john its just u always wanted the xtra % n laughed about it, i thought u knew i quit mtts. its just like if u want to talk as a friend im all aobut it, im just tired of being used to make ppl money........

its really old , its not just u, many ppl over the years treat me as a stock and not a person.

lostaccount   Canada. Jul 05 2021 06:20. Posts 3543

It’s okay Ryan, u have a GoodLife. Peace in peace out

love life love others 

gororokgororok   Netherlands. Jul 05 2021 18:45. Posts 3937

hug it out boys

Loco   Canada. Jul 05 2021 18:48. Posts 20504

skin it out boys

Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, will make a violent revolution inevitable.Last edit: 05/07/2021 18:49

lostaccount   Canada. Jul 06 2021 23:45. Posts 3543

All good boys, I’m moving on from poker. Time to start a business, been wanting to do that for awhile. Was just lazy

love life love others 


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