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The best 2v2/3v3 hunters player (Starcraft Remastered)

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whammbot   Belarus. Feb 12 2021 17:55. Posts 483

Guy has a weird I.D. "Dudtube" and can hang with the top pros (even beat them handily). But he usually hangs out playing just hunters players just smashing fools left and right. At first I thought guys like Flash and the top pros would definitely beat him ez but it turns out the pros keep wanting to play him and he even teaches them how the meta works in multi. I've been enjoying this channel for months now since his games are so fun to watch and his builds are fluid. Lots of amazing games in his channel and look for the featured games where he plays with/against pros.

He's beaten Flash/Bisu Queen/pro Larva/Soulkey and lots of other top pros, with a pro ally or even just his buddy. He is an SSS clan member from the soulblack 2v2 tourney days where his id was "ed[sss]"

Facebook Twitter
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asdf2000   United States. Feb 12 2021 17:56. Posts 7622


Grindin so hard, Im smashin pussies left and right. 

whammbot   Belarus. Feb 12 2021 17:58. Posts 483

watch his channel bro. you'll be amazed how he plays. Crushed Leto back then (arguably another top 1 hunters player) back when they played.

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asdf2000   United States. Feb 12 2021 19:53. Posts 7622

I wasn't being sarcastic I do find it pretty neat. I watched one game, pretty long for a hunters game, the play was pretty good.

Grindin so hard, Im smashin pussies left and right. 

Santafairy   Korea (South). Feb 12 2021 21:04. Posts 1925

The art of starcraft is infinitely more various than just some 1v1 bullshit

It seems to be not very profitable in the long run to play those kind of hands. - Gus Hansen 

hiems   United States. Feb 12 2021 23:56. Posts 2021

I googled "dudtube" and it led me to some gay porn Twitter lol.

Make liquidpoker great again. 

whammbot   Belarus. Feb 12 2021 23:58. Posts 483

^ maybe that's his day job or something lol

PuertoRican   United States. Feb 13 2021 19:53. Posts 12607

  On February 12 2021 22:56 hiems wrote:
I googled "dudtube" and it led me to some gay porn Twitter lol.

He owns dudes for fun, and for work.

Rekrul is a newb 

urasofty   Canada. Feb 14 2021 08:53. Posts 79

Can you link some of his games vs pros? Everything is in korean

whammbot   Belarus. Feb 14 2021 11:43. Posts 483

flash/bisu vs nojang/dud (i think nojang is his support buddy)

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whammbot   Belarus. Feb 14 2021 11:53. Posts 483

jaedong/bisu vs dud/nojang

I've noticed when he's partnered with a top pro like soulkey he does way poorly results-wise compared to when he plays alongside his korean buddy who's not really a pro gamer but knows his routines well.

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whammbot   Belarus. Feb 14 2021 14:33. Posts 483

Larva/Jaedong vs Dud/Nojang

urasofty   Canada. Feb 14 2021 22:19. Posts 79

Binged a bunch of videos yesterday. The 1v3/2v3 comebacks he's pulled off is insane. His reaver play is too OP and the way he just destroys mineral lines and static defense is insta rage quit if I played him

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whammbot   Belarus. Feb 15 2021 01:06. Posts 483

yeah that's why i watch his games coz they're so damn exciting and his builds are not super-standard in a pro gamer sense. he can also do creative shit at times which i've honestly never seen before
the fact that pros even think of playing him regularly now says a lot. he has lost a bunch yesterday but that was mainly because soulkey was his partner and doesn't really need to be instructed by dud which i think's the main reason they dont follow their usual stuff


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