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Ryan Neilly   United States. Sep 25 2020 20:48. Posts 1565

CLE ML Parlay Piece


Eagles ML

Falcons ML

Best by

Buccanees to cover (bet the house on the bux)

Steelers vs Houston (allin)
Connor ($50 over 50 yards)

Kenyan Drake - Over 50 yards Ari

D Jackson
Miles sanders best RB

godert and Ertz big games

eagles win over bengals by a lot.

CLE is a parlay piece


steelers -4

bucs -5.5

Colts ML


Eagles ML

Falcons on ML

RB Bets

K Drake
J Connor
J Taylor
M Sanders
D Singletary

WR Bets


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Ryan Neilly   United States. Sep 25 2020 20:49. Posts 1565

Min - Cook went off week 1, wasnt much week 2, I'd say HE BLASTS OFF WEEK 3, I gotta check DFS first tho.

Ryan Neilly   United States. Sep 25 2020 20:55. Posts 1565

Confidence is dangerous in sports betting, Use units you can afford to win/lose with.

the games i talk alot about "green bay/Tampa/Carolina/LasVegas/Phi those are my favorite - those that disagree plz lmk why lets talk !

Ryan Neilly   United States. Sep 25 2020 21:01. Posts 1565

i think new england mb beats vegas and mb jets get it together n beat indi <-- I also think KC BaL could go on the under as everyones gonna smash over, its gonna hit 70%+ on the over, so going against the public here is the right play on the under most likely since BAL D is Sick AF and the show can play that off ez.

dnagardi   Hungary. Sep 26 2020 19:21. Posts 1737

are u on drugs.

Ryan Neilly   United States. Sep 28 2020 16:56. Posts 1565

yes dnardi

i went like 50/60 on bets btw jackaloo

passpartu   United Kingdom. Mar 29 2021 13:51. Posts 1

--- Nuked ---

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