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Luna_Bluffgood   Germany. Mar 22 2019 21:39. Posts 1216
Hi folks,

I was sort of having the wanderlust to go the the U.S. Haven't been there for 5-6 years, so I'm planning a trip.

As things worked out I was able to take 3 weeks off from the lawyering stuff in June, so naturally I will be heading to Vegas as sort of a WSOP bucket list thing. Last time I was there I was 18, so you can imagine how much fun that was.

I definitely gonna try to stay at the Rio for 4-5 days (bucket list also+settle in), but I am looking for tips on accommodations for after that (preferably close to the Rio or other good casinos for tournaments. I will likely be gambling some small stakes tourneys. I'm also looking tips on other stuff to do in Vegas. If I get sick of Vegas too soon I might be heading to west. I heard goods things about San Diego so any tips related to that would also be great.


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