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database question

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traxamillion   United States. Feb 06 2017 05:00. Posts 10332

im datamining stars.

I want to know if there are pt4 instruments that allow me to (for example) look at overall average co open% at a 6 handed table given the average of all players i have in my database at that limit.

or average BB 3b% vs button open.

or river c/r % as a whole given the whole 500nl player pool.

these are just some examples of the possibility of avering trends in large groups of players in pt4 databases. can someone help me out. googling not doing much

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chipsnhand   United States. Feb 08 2017 00:43. Posts 55

that sounds like leakbuster to me.... a PT4 add-on

ToT)MidiaN(    United Kingdom. Feb 11 2017 20:15. Posts 4947

I think you'd have to create an alias of all players and look at the stats from that


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