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live poker in reykjavik

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caitlynx9   Iceland. Aug 24 2016 23:06. Posts 2

Hi i just registered here and recently ive arrived to reykjavik and im looking for some live cash action as ive heard people are playing in a few places,the problem is i dont know where.sorry if theres already a thread about it.Can somebody helpppppp pleasee

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uiCk   Canada. Aug 25 2016 15:48. Posts 3509

Top right of the page, there is an icon to redirect you to what seems to be a LP for iceland. Not sure how avtive, but should be a start?

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caitlynx9   Iceland. Aug 25 2016 16:12. Posts 2

i got here through there but i dont understand iceland at all ive made multiple searches everywhere and rlly cant find nothing thanks for suggestion tho.


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