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Is Bovada Down for everyone?

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Ryan Neilly   United States. May 13 2016 05:06. Posts 1223

Is it? I was registed for some MTTs and can't seem to log in, seems very weird..


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Ryan Neilly   United States. May 13 2016 07:52. Posts 1223

it went back up after 15 nm

chipsnhand   United States. Aug 10 2016 02:45. Posts 55

Bovada announce it's ending poker operations on the 30th of Sept. They will move them to Ignition Casino.

casinocasino   Canada. Aug 11 2016 01:17. Posts 3304


jeremy5408   United States. Sep 01 2016 07:24. Posts 122

hey guys how safe is ACR?

Trav94   Canada. Sep 01 2016 09:09. Posts 1701

  On September 01 2016 06:24 jeremy5408 wrote:
hey guys how safe is ACR?

Very dangerous

jeremy5408   United States. Sep 01 2016 20:18. Posts 122

thanks for input.
just wanted to play recreationally

Trav94   Canada. Sep 02 2016 03:45. Posts 1701

Was being sarcastic. Their security isn't so great. A while ago somebody had their password reset and couldn't get into their account, because someone emailed ACR under false pretences and they didn't really question if it was the real account holder or not. It happened twice I think too. Guy got his money back though if I recall. Can't find thread anymore or I would link it. Realistically it's probs fine, I just wouldn't keep money that you can't afford to lose on there.

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