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$30+1.5 omaha husng

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traxamillion   United States. Sep 14 2015 01:45. Posts 10333

playing my 2nd match vs a guy on bovada who seems reasonable. 1st game I started with some hands that were good for limping and noticed he raised that basically 100% and played bad vs it so i was mostly limp/calling and limp/potting over his 3x (always pot raise) with a few pot opens mixed in. My standard is a button minraise. He has shown one surprising fold; i open pot (10/20 blinds 1500 starting stacks) he pot to 180 i pot to 540 with QJ104ds and he folds. Just folded a little more than he should pre but I'm not quite sure about postflop. He folded to a turn 2nd barell 250 into 600 but I forget the exact board. He bluff raised a small river bet to nearly pot after i bet 100 into 380 on 3c4c7x7xAx with K7 when he checked to me with a bricked flush draw and an ace. He then won most of the chips in the 1st SNG calling my bluff with a flopped 6 high flush in position after he checked back the flop and I spewed off(3bet pot. Although i play a lot of my non nut and even a few k/a high flushes this way i shouldn't expect too strong a fold).

The hand in question I limp AhJhJs4s, he pots to 60, I pot to 180, he calls. About 1500 chips effective

flop 3c 8c Jd (pot $360)

Villain donks pot, hero?

Generally I'm just gii here but this guy might actually be bet/folding. What do you guys think.

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Sep 14 2015 10:54. Posts 8200

if he bet/folds, he bet/folds im not gonna let him realize his equity for free

KeyleK_uk   United Kingdom. Sep 14 2015 13:07. Posts 1678

preflop is reasonable but I'd probably just open, if he's 3 betting enough (ALOT!!) you can 4 bet. Mostly he's just going to call, and our hand is good enough to prefer a 120 pot over a 40 pot even tho it doesn't hit a set tooo often.

Whatevers good, people don't really fold here though so prob just get it in now... I'd tank my timebank and shove. if he folds he might have something like TTxx or QQxx something thats just c/f turn anyways.

It feels to me like you're going to be a little toooooo fps'y playing plo which isn't awful just when you get better you'll realise what i'm talking about.

poker is soooo much easier when you flop setsLast edit: 14/09/2015 13:09

traxamillion   United States. Sep 14 2015 18:04. Posts 10333

I limp r/r this because he was potting vs the limp 95% (which I think is pretty bad/terrible) so I could almost guarantee I get a 3bet in this way, whereas if I just open (especially as I had been limping much more than usual already) I felt he was much more likely to flat. Pre this whole match had been a bit unusual admittedly because I was attempting to exploit his bad reaction to my limps.

I shipped flop and he folded which surprised me, tried to give a little background on the player to see if there was any type where a call may actually be preferred. I think he was just tilted at another limp/rr and tried to take it down. Can't imagine this guy folded much equity. 1010/QQ do make sense.

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casinocasino   Canada. Sep 17 2015 18:59. Posts 3305

You should pot/shove like you would with AAxx and that's persisely what he will put you on and likely get it all in with many 1 pair hands

traxamillion   United States. Sep 18 2015 00:10. Posts 10333

for sure that is what i did


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