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Hossein Ensan defeats Sammartino to win 2019 WSOP Main Event and $10,000,000

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Hossein Ensan is the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event champion, taking home $10,000,000 and a very special WSOP 50 Gold Bracelet after fending off Dario Sammartino heads-up for the title.

Three players remained from the 8569 starters that comprised the second-biggest Main Event in history, and the prestigious title would be heading to either a player from Germany, Italy or Canada.

German pro Hossein Ensan returned to the final three with the chip lead that he had held for three full days.

Livingston was the first one to go, and it all began with this hand:
Livingston: AcJd vs Ensans AsQd
Flop: 6dJhQh, turn 2s and river 9d
It was Livingstons biggest cash in his life obviously, as he collected $4million and left the 2019 Main Event with two players left heads up.

Main Event Heads-Up Chip Counts
Hossein Ensan 279,800,000
Dario Sammartino 235,000,000

The Italian almost immediately bridged the gap between both players, calling a big turn bet from Ensan and hitting the perfect 9 on the river, his two pair overpowering Ensan’s.

The final hand saw Ensan raise out of the small blind, Sammartino calls and we see flop Ts6s2d.
Ensan then bets and gets called, dealer turns over 9c for turn card.

A second barrel from the German saw Sammartino shove all-in over the bet and he gets called:
Ensan: KhKc
Sammartino: 8s4s

The gutshot and flush draws gave Sammartino plenty of outs, but the river bricks with Qc and it was Ensan that becomes Main Event champion and $10,000,000 richer!

Final results:
1 Hossein Ensan $10,000,000
2 Dario Sammartino $6,000,000
3 Alex Livingston $4,000,000
4 Garry Gates $3,000,000
5 Kevin Maahs $2,200,000
6 Zhen Cai $1,850,000
7 Nick Marchington $1,525,000
8 Timothy Su $1,250,000
9 Milos Skrbic $1,000,000

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