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The $5mln VENOM with $1,000,000 first prize money announced at Americas Cardroom

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Americas Cardroom is giving you a chance to hit one huge score to change your life! This will be the biggest online poker tournament ever offered by a US facing site after The Black Friday. And by far and away, the biggest single event in our history.

The Highlights:
July 16th 2019
$5 Million guaranteed, $1 million for first place!
$2,650 buy-in

Qualify for Free!
Win Your $2,650 Seat via our Step Tournaments! You can enter at Step 0 which is FREE or buy-in directly into one of the later steps to increase your chances of winning. Register at Americas Cardroom right here.

Step 1: Six daily freerolls ($0 buy-in) that guarantee 113 total seats to Step 2.
Step 2: On Demand tourney ($6+0.61 buy-in) that each guarantee 25 seats to Step 3.
Step 3: On Demand tourney ($15+1.51 buy-in) that each guarantee 15 seats to Step 4.
Step 4: On Demand tourney ($50+5.01 buy-in) that each guarantee 6 seats to Step 5.
Step 5: On Demand tourney ($200+15.01 buy-in) that each guarantee 5 seats to Step 6.
Step 6: Scheduled tourney every Sunday at 4pm ET. The $600+30.01 buy-in guarantees 5 seats to the $5 Million Venom.

Are you ready to have your name written in the record books? The Winning Poker Network is out to make history by sending the first-place finisher of the inaugural $5 Million Venom tournament their $1,000,000 payment in the cryptocurrency of their choice, within minutes of the final hand!

In doing this, we’ll be making the biggest and fastest cryptocurrency payment ever made in the gaming industry!

We’re in the process of applying to the Guinness Book of World Records to make it official and will document the process and payment being made on the Blockchain for evidence of the record being broken.

And don’t worry, if you are the big winner and prefer your winnings sent to you via more traditional payment methods, we’ll give you the option to send the money back and we’ll get it to you another way.

Either way, you’ll go down in history!

Day 1A: Tuesday, July 16th at 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
Day 1B: Sunday, July 21st at 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
Day 2: Monday, July 22nd at 1pm ET (12 hours of play or down to final 9 players)
Day 3: (if needed): Tuesday, July 23rd at 1pm ET (Play down to the final table)
Day 4: Wednesday, July 24th at 5pm ET (Final Table plays until tournament is over)

To register at ACR (US player accepted, together with the rest of the world) with 27% rakeback (paid weekly) with bitcoin and 30+ other cryptocurrencies accepted as deposits and withdrawals, very good first deposit bonuses, simply click on the banner and check the offer: :

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