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Phil Galfond wins a bracelet in PLO Hi/Low 8 or better event at WSOP 2018!

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Defrag   Poland. Jul 06 2018 08:00. Posts 4734

Last day of the event as many as 24 poker players sat down to compete for the bracelet at Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Low event. Michael McKenna was in the lead and there were also such legends as Brandon Shack-Harris, David „ODB” Baker and Chris Ferguson in the game.

Players got eliminated rather quickly. Before we noticed Eli Elezra and Cliff Josephy were gone. Chris Ferguson was 13th and he took home $25,695. Brandon Shack-Harris was next to go and before the unofficial final table Yong Wang said goodbye to all as the bubble boy.

Phil Galfond was a little short at the beginning of the tournament but he was to be the hero of the event. He eliminated Chase Steely, and then David Baker. Michael McKenna sent home two other players – Marco Johnson as well as Chris Lee. In the fourth we said goodbye to Chad Power, and McKenna soon eliminated Ali Abdujabbar. Still the latter took home $240,497 for the third position.

McKenna was the chip leader when the heads-up (pictured) began. He had 2:1 lead, but lost it in the hand where Phil held A982 and caught a straight as well as nuts Low to double up and soon eliminate his opponent! Galfond finally called an all-in from his rival with A874. The opponent showed KJT5. The board came 933. Turn was 7, and river 5. Phil Galfond won the event!

Phil Galfond got his bracelet in tournament #60 PLO Hi/Low 8 or better Championship. This is his second, shining WSOP trophy. He also got $567,788 richer!

– I managed to win a bracelet in 10k PLO8! It was a really tough final table, but I focused and decreased my mistakes to minimum. Cards were also on my side when I needed them to be. Thank you all for support – it means a lot to me – he wrote on Twitter.

Here are the final results:
Phil Galfond – $567.788
Michael McKenna – $350,922
Ali Abdujabbar – $240,497
Chad Power – $168,275
Chris Lee – $120,263
Marco Johnson – $87,830
David „ODB” Baker – $65,579
Chase Steely – $50,086

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Nitewin   United States. Jul 06 2018 14:43. Posts 1002

Very likable guy, congrats!


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