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Daniel Negreanu on poker sponsorship: "The landscape has changed drastically"

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Defrag   Poland. Feb 02 2018 18:09. Posts 4715

Four very well-known and respected poker professionals left Team PokerStars since the start of this year, including Bertrand ”ElkY” Grospellier who's been with the poker room for 12 years. It didn't take long for most known Team PokerStars sponsored player Daniel Negreanu to give his own take on the current state of the situation and poker sponsorship deals.

According to Negreanu, the situation of professionals being sponsored has changed drastically since the “golden era":
"A good piece on poker sponsorship in 2018. The landscape has changed drastically since the “golden era.”

It’s less about winning events, and more about what you can do to bring new players into the game.

The Twitch streamers have figured that out. @RaSZi", wrote Negreanu.

However, does that fit the profile of let's say ElkY? ElkY had great ties with the eSports, our very own Team Liquid, and held a massive Twitch-channel, where he streamed poker to his +53,000 followers. Maybe there is always a second bottom to the truth, one which Daniel doesn't present and ElkY touched in his own twitter post, which you can read here:

What's your opinion?

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Baalim   Mexico. Feb 03 2018 04:00. Posts 32343

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