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“Molly’s Game” opens in theaters with positvie reviews

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Defrag   Poland. Dec 27 2017 14:25. Posts 4705

Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut, a poker movie titled “Molly’s Game” has now officially released in theaters. So far the movie has been hit by a lot of positive reviews and holds a relatively high note at of 7.4 points in a 1 to 10 point scale, as well as 87% audience approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

The all-star cast includes Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Michael Cera and Kevin Costner.

Much of the praise for the movie is aimed at Jessica Chastain's performance as Molly Bloom, described by UK national newspaper The Independent as a "force of nature performance".

It certainly is a facsinating story; coming from a family of high achievers Bloom's dreams of olympic glory are cut short after breaking her back in a horrific crash during her olympic trial.
Celebrities who played in Bloom-run games in L.A. or New York include Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Toby Maguire. Bloom’s memoir, which the film is based on, included a claim that Maguire once asked her to “bark like a seal who wants a fish” for a $1,000 chip.

Bloom was making as much as $50,000 a night for setting up the underground games.

Watch the trailer here:

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FrinkX   United States. Dec 27 2017 14:44. Posts 7454

<insert boo-hoo sexism statements here>


if this movie is good i'll eat my hat

bitch on a pension suck my dong 

lucky331   . Dec 27 2017 14:57. Posts 1068

finally! the movie that will bring back the poker boom!

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Dec 27 2017 19:11. Posts 4110

looks shit. i fucking hate sorkin as well. It is good advertisement / propaganda tho.

I was GTO in 2007 -wobbly_au 

deathstar   United States. Dec 28 2017 01:03. Posts 103


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deathstar   United States. Dec 30 2017 04:38. Posts 103

  On December 27 2017 13:44 FrinkX wrote:
<insert boo-hoo sexism statements here>


if this movie is good i'll eat my hat

Coco is 10/10


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