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Handnr: 975653
Submitted by : HerroRara

***** Hand History for Game 81692884818 ***** Poker Stars
$50.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Friday, June 08, 08:18:13 ET 2012
Table Columbia II Real Money
Seat 2 is the button
Seat 1: vtr82w $137.72 USD
Seat 2: Hero $50.00 USD
Hero posts small blind [$0.25 USD].
vtr82w posts big blind [$0.50 USD].

Dealt to Hero [JhKh ]
Hero raises [$1.25 USD]
vtr82w calls [$1.00 USD]

Flop (Pot : $2.75)

vtr82w checks
Hero bets [$2.50 USD]
vtr82w raises [$6.50 USD]
Hero calls [$4.00 USD]

Turn (Pot : $15.75)

vtr82w bets [$11.00 USD]
Hero calls [$11.00 USD]

River (Pot : $37.75)

vtr82w bets [$118.72 USD]
Hero calls [$31.00 USD]
vtr82w wins $87.72 USD
vtr82w shows JsQh
vtr82w wins $99.50 USD from main pot
Hero doesn't show JhKh

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HerroRara   Canada. Jun 08 2012 20:22. Posts 168

he was c/r 28% of flop. did I play this correctly? I figured on the turn i had to call once more with the hearts and the river made it less likely he had a Q. ????

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jvilla777   Australia. Jun 08 2012 20:50. Posts 1325

Sometimes you cant just depend on villain's stats, you have to think about what he is checkraising you with.
Most of the time a checkraise like this is flopped set or a draw.
If villain has shown some reckless or spewy checkraises that went to showdown then take note.

But as played I think calling his c/r on flop is fine as your hand could improve on later streets, calling on turn is fine also, on the river depending on history played by villain and if I feel like being a hero lol I would also call.

longple: ur missing the point! this is an attempt to get away from the bumhuntmentality! 

NeillyJQ   United States. Jun 09 2012 00:16. Posts 8947

this is a very tough fold, river is super trivial and player dependent etc. he can have many combo draws here, and also be trying to push u off hands as well. if hes more value oriented on turn and river AF, then I would consider a river fold, but not too easy for me, since i suck at hu cash.

Just remember you need to be god damn sure about their tendencies. -Artanis11 


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