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Handnr: 916739
Submitted by : k4ir0s

PokerStars Game #66243273023: Holdem No Limit ($2/$4 USD) - 2011/08/19 14:33:27 ET
Table Naema V 9-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: k4ir0s ($400 in chips)
Seat 2: madmanco6 ($168 in chips)
Seat 3: oscarleon ($550.05 in chips)
Seat 6: BrocheN ($809.05 in chips)
Seat 8: Vlk185 ($525.10 in chips)
oscarleon: posts small blind $2
fodevich: is sitting out
BrocheN: posts big blind $4
Vigilanty: sits out

Dealt to k4ir0s TsAs
Vlk185: folds
k4ir0s: raises $4 to $8
madmanco6: folds
oscarleon: raises $17.65 to $25.65
BrocheN: folds
k4ir0s: calls $17.65

Flop (Pot : $55.30)

oscarleon: bets $32.10
k4ir0s: calls $32.10

Turn (Pot : $119.50)

oscarleon: checks
Javifdez10 joins the table at seat #9
k4ir0s: bets $72
oscarleon: calls $72

River (Pot : $263.50)

bystryj leaves the table
Xblood joins the table at seat #4
oscarleon: checks

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k4ir0s   Canada. Aug 19 2011 14:43. Posts 3450

17/13 8% 3bet from SB. On the flop I decided to float and rep the king.. bad turn, what now? should I take a stab at it? He calls turn with JJ/QQ/AA, so im not sure if my turn bet is good.

river shove is alittle over pot, but he knows im capable of bluffing

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I dont know what a dt drop is. Is it a wrestling move? -OlyLast edit: 19/08/2011 14:45

terrybunny19240   United States. Aug 19 2011 14:51. Posts 13829

its hard to rep board paired cards, don't really like your turn bet based on that

I don't know how 2/4 plays but I remember nl100 and 200 that retards with 17vpip play flop/turn like this with a king in hand

 Last edit: 19/08/2011 14:54

k4ir0s   Canada. Aug 19 2011 14:55. Posts 3450

hmm actually I think betting the river would be more believable than shoving, since I could not only rep a K.. but a 7 too (something like ~$175?)

but ya I don't really like my turn bet.

I dont know what a dt drop is. Is it a wrestling move? -OlyLast edit: 19/08/2011 14:59

TheHuHu3   United States. Aug 19 2011 15:06. Posts 5544

Do you really bet the turn with a 7 here?

What's more interesting is that Brochen is playing 2/4 now. I remember the sickest runbad this guy had where he literally lost every coinflip, had the biggest suckouts happen to him, and the biggest coolers and went down to like NL50 or NL100. Good for him .

TheHuHu4 coming soon :) 

ToT)MidiaN(    United Kingdom. Aug 19 2011 15:54. Posts 4953

I'd raise raise/fold flop, floating here sucks I think, you get barrelled too much and you can't do anything on almost every turn =[


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