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Handnr: 905994
Submitted by : Endo

Starting Game #34340538-7
DrEnd0 is the Dealer
Shuffling Cards
You Were Dealt ThTd
DrEnd0 raised to $0.75
goooa777 raised to $1.25
DrEnd0 is All In
goooa777 is All In
DrEnd0 shows ThTd
goooa777 shows QdJd

Flop (Pot : $0.10)

   4sAd d

Turn (Pot : $0.10)

   4sAd d
$27.88 returned to DrEnd0 from Pot 2
DrEnd0 wins $10.10 from Pot 1 with : Two Pair Aces and Tens
goooa777 has been sat out of the game
goooa777> monitored and reported . end .
DrEnd0> lol?
DrEnd0> what did i just get monitored and reported for?

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