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Handnr: 905992
Submitted by : Endo

goliath641 Posts SB 0.05
wizpc1234 Posts BB 0.10
jeffplv Folds
DrEnd0 Raised to 0.35
idonkualot Folds
goliath641 Calls 0.30
wizpc1234 Calls 0.25
goliath641 Checks
wizpc1234 Bets 0.78
DrEnd0 Calls 0.78
goliath641 Folds
wizpc1234 Bets 1.30
DrEnd0 Calls 1.30
wizpc1234 All In 23.76
DrEnd0 ??

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Endo   United States. May 09 2011 23:14. Posts 952

Donking around on 6m trying out Hero and this hand came up. Don't know what to make of it-- here are player notes on villain.

barreled 2 streets with air in position, turn paired board no broadways

limp/called my raise from CO, then donked out on J93 r board 3way

limp call preflop then donk pot on J29ccc board

call 3bet with K8s

Leading out 3way, probably doesnt have a 4 or 6, but if he hit his flush draw, board also double paired, so overbet jam is weird.

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Endo   United States. May 09 2011 23:15. Posts 952

zzz how do you copy HH from Hero?

devon06atX   Canada. May 10 2011 01:18. Posts 5431

no idea what you had, but based on description i call w/ jj+ and aq+ (if you're only 100 bbs deep)

i'm assuming that since you called 1.30, you had a pretty strong hand.. most likely aqss or jj imo (i dunno if you'd fold 1010 there)..

obv. a snap w/ qq+/ak, unsure if you hold jj.

basically. who fucking knows lol. depends big time on flow, if your stack matches him, and how literally horribad this guy is. ask fazi, natural talent never dies.


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