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Handnr: 717304
Submitted by : Artanis[Xp]

PokerStars Game #30451339397: Razz Limit ($100/$200) - 2009/07/14 17:39:39 CET [2009/07/14 11:39:39 ET]
Table Utopia 8-max
Seat 1: Artanis11 ($10044 in chips)
Seat 2: gipsy74 ($4468 in chips)
Seat 3: yahii ($3485 in chips)
Artanis11: posts the ante $20
gipsy74: posts the ante $20
yahii: posts the ante $20

3rd Street (Pot : $0.00)

Dealt to Artanis11 9s2h5d
Dealt to gipsy74 Ks
Dealt to yahii Ad
gipsy74: brings in for $35
yahii: raises $65 to $100
Artanis11: raises $100 to $200
gipsy74: calls $165
yahii: folds

4th Street (Pot : $430.00)

Dealt to Artanis11 9s2h5d Ac
Dealt to gipsy74 Ks Js
Artanis11: bets $100
gipsy74: calls $100

5th Street (Pot : $630.00)

Dealt to Artanis11 9s2h5dAc 5s
Dealt to gipsy74 KsJs Kh
Artanis11: bets $200
gipsy74: calls $200

6th Street (Pot : $1,030.00)

Dealt to Artanis11 9s2h5dAc5s 4h
Dealt to gipsy74 KsJsKh Jh
Artanis11: bets $200
gipsy74: folds
Uncalled bet ($200) returned to Artanis11
Artanis11 collected $1159 from pot
Artanis11: doesnt show hand

Total pot $1160 | Rake $1
Seat 1: Artanis11 collected ($1159)
Seat 2: gipsy74 folded on the 6th Street
Seat 3: yahii folded on the 3rd Street

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kaisr   Canada. Jul 14 2009 12:01. Posts 1058


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TalentedTom    Canada. Jul 14 2009 12:03. Posts 20070

lol gipsy is playing the wrong game

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Benzooor   United States. Jul 14 2009 12:03. Posts 630

Isn't it like almost impossible for him to win on 5th?

Artanis[Xp]   Netherlands. Jul 14 2009 12:07. Posts 4697

  On July 14 2009 11:03 Benzooor wrote:
Isn't it like almost impossible for him to win on 5th?

Unless I pair on the next 2 cards or hit cards higher then a jack, both of which are unlikely, yes.


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