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Handnr: 357880
Submitted by : YoMeR

Hand #49037632-29331 at Tiplersville (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 11/Jan/08 02:25:50
onegoodplayer is at seat 0 with $238
1022Dge is at seat 1 with $108.80
deserthunter is at seat 2 with $337.05
BIG_WILLY67 is at seat 4 with $209.30
GenghisKan is at seat 5 with $476.40
The button is at seat 4
GenghisKan posts the small blind of $1
onegoodplayer posts the big blind of $2

onegoodplayer : TsTc
1022Dge: -- --
deserthunter: -- --
BIG_WILLY67: -- --
GenghisKan: -- --

1022Dge calls
deserthunter folds
BIG_WILLY67 calls
GenghisKan folds
onegoodplayer raises to $9
1022Dge calls
BIG_WILLY67 calls

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $28)

onegoodplayer bets $20
1022Dge folds
BIG_WILLY67 calls

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $68.00)

onegoodplayer bets $44
BIG_WILLY67 calls

River (Pot : $156.00)

onegoodplayer checks
BIG_WILLY67 bets $75
onegoodplayer calls

BIG_WILLY67 shows7c4c
BIG_WILLY67 has7c4c8s5h6h : straight, eight high
onegoodplayer mucks cards
(onegoodplayer hasTsTc .)

$2 is raked from a pot of $306
$.50 jackpot contribution is raked
BIG_WILLY67 wins $303.50 with straight, eight high

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Stim_Abuser   United States. Jan 11 2008 00:31. Posts 7499

dont feel bad for him.

you should see how good he runs.

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Hey Im slinging mad volume and fat stackin benjies I dont got time for spellin n shit - skinny pete 

Rush   United States. Jan 11 2008 00:36. Posts 2299

coming from "omg i'm on a downswing i lost 1 buy-in"

Do you even know what DK stands for? 


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