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Handnr: 1088318
Submitted by : Stroggoz

PokerStars Hand #205555285501: Holdem No Limit ($5/$10 USD) - 2019/10/26 16:28:44 ET
Table Parenago V 6-max Seat #4 is the button
Seat 2: MikiOpasniy ($1147.05 in chips)
Seat 4: Stroggos_nz ($1000 in chips)
Seat 6: l xFlake l ($1000 in chips)
l xFlake l: posts small blind $5
MikiOpasniy: posts big blind $10

Dealt to Stroggos_nz Jh8h
Stroggos_nz: raises $10.20 to $20.20
l xFlake l: folds
MikiOpasniy: calls $10.20

Flop (Pot : $45.40)

MikiOpasniy: checks
Stroggos_nz: bets $105
MikiOpasniy: calls $105

Turn (Pot : $255.40)

MikiOpasniy: checks
WallyWeird joins the table at seat #1
SyrW_Helmets joins the table at seat #3
Stroggos_nz: bets $190.43
MikiOpasniy: folds
Uncalled bet ($190.43) returned to Stroggos_nz
Stroggos_nz collected $253.90 from pot
Zurgok joins the table at seat #5

Total pot $255.40 | Rake $1.50
Board  Td4h6cJd
Seat 2: MikiOpasniy (big blind) folded on the Turn
Seat 4: Stroggos_nz (button) collected ($253.90)
Seat 6: l xFlake l (small blind) folded before Flop

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dnagardi   Hungary. Oct 27 2019 20:06. Posts 1695

whats the point in overbetting the flop?

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lebowski   Greece. Oct 27 2019 20:35. Posts 9190

what's the point in anything really

new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man... 

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 27 2019 20:42. Posts 4713

  On October 27 2019 19:06 dnagardi wrote:
whats the point in overbetting the flop?

i have better hands than he does

supposed to have greenstar not bracelet 

dnagardi   Hungary. Oct 28 2019 19:50. Posts 1695

then let me rephrase it, why do you bet this amount, why not pot size, why not 2/3 pot

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 28 2019 20:13. Posts 4713

bet sizing strategies are a function of ranges, position, and SPR.

in terms of range advantage, i open 2x preflop, his defense range is quite wide because of this, but doesn't include any offsuit 2 pairs probably, (maybe 46o). The only strong hands he has are suited 2pairs and and sets. I have JJ-AA, and sets. and due to SPR, i can put quite a bit of money in on flop, and i want to, because of this range advantage.

If he only had top pair as best hand on this flop and i was 10,000bb deep, i could 10x pot flop with JJ+ and be fine

supposed to have greenstar not braceletLast edit: 28/10/2019 20:16


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