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Handnr: 1079278
Submitted by : Stroggoz

PokerStars Zoom Hand #182109920873: Holdem No Limit ($1/$2) - 2018/02/06 10:53:14 ET
Table Aenna 6-max Seat #1 is the button
Seat 1: dreamydom ($432.91 in chips)
Seat 2: dooleslovs ($220.05 in chips)
Seat 3: Muglai ($301.55 in chips)
Seat 4: BigS777 ($200.40 in chips)
Seat 5: Stroggos_nz ($203 in chips)
Seat 6: Menyaxala ($234.60 in chips)
dooleslovs: posts small blind $1
Muglai: posts big blind $2

Dealt to Stroggos_nz JsJc
BigS777: raises $4 to $6
Stroggos_nz: raises $14 to $20
Menyaxala: raises $214.60 to $234.60 and is all-in
dreamydom: folds
dooleslovs: folds
Muglai: folds
BigS777: folds
Stroggos_nz: calls $183 and is all-in
Uncalled bet ($31.60) returned to Menyaxala

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $415.00)


Turn(Odds) (Pot : $415.00)


River (Pot : $415.00)


Stroggos_nz: shows JsJc (three of a kind, Jacks)
Menyaxala: shows 5h5s (a pair of Fives)
Stroggos_nz collected $412.25 from pot

Total pot $415 | Rake $2.75
Board  3d9d2d6cJh
Seat 1: dreamydom (button) folded before Flop (didnt bet)
Seat 2: dooleslovs (small blind) folded before Flop
Seat 3: Muglai (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 4: BigS777 folded before Flop
Seat 5: Stroggos_nz showed JsJc and won ($412.25) with three of a kind, Jacks
Seat 6: Menyaxala showed 5h5s and lost with a pair of Fives

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fira   United States. Feb 06 2018 18:30. Posts 6277

hmm 3bet UTG+1 vs UTG with JJ not too loose?

kinda interesting play by 55... seems bad coz hes jamming into like 5 players, two of them with super strong ranges

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we go on 

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Feb 06 2018 19:47. Posts 4110

3bet is vs loose fishy player

I was GTO in 2007 -wobbly_au 


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