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Handnr: 1075275
Submitted by : YoMeR

GAME #3466068229: Texas Holdem NL $2/$4 2017-05-31 01:15:07/GMT
Table Table11982147
Seat 1: Hero $598.62 in chips
Seat 2: P2-355628UB $523.87 in chips DEALER
Seat 3: P3-786601PE $402.00 in chips
Seat 4: P4-471842GM $400.00 in chips
Seat 5: P5-308138WJ $406.00 in chips
Seat 9: P9-813246HI $783.07 in chips
P3-786601PE: Post SB $2.00
P4-471842GM: Post BB $4.00

Dealt to Hero3dAd
P5-308138WJ: Fold
P9-813246HI: Raise NF $8.00
Hero: Call $8.00
P2-355628UB: Fold
P3-786601PE: Call $6.00
P4-471842GM: Call $4.00

Flop (Pot : $32.00)

P3-786601PE: Check
P4-471842GM: Check
P9-813246HI: Bet $14.00
Hero: Call $14.00
P3-786601PE: Fold
P4-471842GM: Fold

Turn (Pot : $60.00)

P9-813246HI: Bet $34.00
Hero: Call $34.00

River (Pot : $128.00)

P9-813246HI: Bet $105.00
Hero: Call $105.00

Total pot $334.00 Rake $4.00
Hero: Shows3dAd Two Pair, Tens and Threes
P9-813246hI: ShowsAs9s One Pair, Tens
Hero: wins $334.00

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TimDawg    United States. Jun 06 2017 09:30. Posts 10188

I just wanna see the hands you call down with where you get absolutely owned

these are boring

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YoMeR   United States. Jun 07 2017 18:41. Posts 12396

those aren't that interesting either...i just go aiiyyyaaaa

eZ Life. 


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