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Handnr: 1038139
Submitted by : EvilSky

PokerStars Zoom Hand #118718120876: Holdem No Limit ($1/$2) - 2014/07/13 16:02:34 ET
Table Aenna 6-max Seat #1 is the button
Seat 1: Klarinette27 ($200 in chips)
Seat 2: DmCh11 ($200 in chips)
Seat 3: Wizard0fOddz ($220.56 in chips)
Seat 4: adrian_wp ($253.32 in chips)
Seat 5: Hero ($271.59 in chips)
Seat 6: pazzel1 ($124.10 in chips)
DmCh11: posts small blind $1
Wizard0fOddz: posts big blind $2

Dealt to Hero 6c7c
adrian_wp: folds
Hero: raises $2.76 to $4.76
pazzel1: folds
Klarinette27: calls $4.76
DmCh11: folds
Wizard0fOddz: folds

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $12.52)

Hero: bets $7
Klarinette27: raises $13 to $20
Hero: calls $13

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $52.52)

Hero: checks
Klarinette27: bets $50
Hero: calls $50

River (Pot : $152.52)

Hero: checks
Klarinette27: bets $125.24 and is all-in
Hero: calls $125.24

Klarinette27: shows Th9c (a pair of Eights)
Hero: shows 6c7c (two pair, Eights and Sixes)
Hero collected $400.20 from pot

Total pot $403 | Rake $2.80
Board  8dQc6s8s2c
Seat 1: Klarinette27 (button) showed Th9c and lost with a pair of Eights
Seat 2: DmCh11 (small blind) folded before Flop
Seat 3: Wizard0fOddz (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 4: adrian_wp folded before Flop (didnt bet)
Seat 5: Hero showed 6c7c and won ($400.20) with two pair, Eights and Sixes
Seat 6: pazzel1 folded before Flop (didnt bet)

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donkeyrider   United States. Jul 13 2014 16:25. Posts 108


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No set no bet 

mnj   United States. Jul 13 2014 17:23. Posts 3848

drone666   Brasil. Jul 13 2014 18:03. Posts 1801

  On July 13 2014 15:25 donkeyrider wrote:

villain is not raising an 8x on the flop ofc, and it's unlikely that he's raising a naked Queen on the flop AND way less likely that he continues betting when the 8 comes on the turn
he 3bets QQ preflop and hero blocks 66, 2 gutshots that villain has 100% on his preflop range missed

I think there's no other way to play turn+river ( flop I usually check ), if you are cbet/calling flop, it's a mistake to be folding turn or river unless you have a sick read

Dont listen to anything I sayLast edit: 13/07/2014 18:04

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jul 13 2014 18:44. Posts 15143

wow 2.38bb MP SO SMART
55% cbet with bottom pair some next fucking level shit
what the fuck the turn check call? GET DEM FLOATS MUCH? We is entering some godlike arena thinking kind of shit
Oh my baby jesus river hero so clever, no think enemy vbets Qx much there so YEAH POLARIZE YEAHHH

this world
heil beer

93% Sure!  

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jul 13 2014 20:36. Posts 8646

go home lemon

Truck-Crash Life 

Highcard   Canada. Jul 13 2014 20:57. Posts 5428

lemon what are you sayin lol

I have learned from poker that being at the table is not a grind, the grind is living and poker is how I pass the time 

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jul 14 2014 02:16. Posts 15143

Oh that was gym, some strong supplements mixed with mexican beer later kind of rage drunk, move along

93% Sure!  


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