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Handnr: 1031117
Submitted by : LemOn[5thF]

***** Hand History for Game 1111111111 ***** Poker Stars
$16.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, March 12, 04:44:06 ET 2014
Table Ostara IV Real Money
Seat 5 is the button
Seat 1: Player1 $11.76 USD - VPIP: 43, PFR: 30, 3B: 8, AF: 2.3, Hands: 2073
Seat 2: Player2 $5.04 USD - VPIP: 22, PFR: 8, 3B: 0, AF: Infinity, Hands: 51
Seat 3: Player3 $13.04 USD - VPIP: 25, PFR: 18, 3B: 8, AF: 1.3, Hands: 457
Seat 4: Player4 $17.99 USD - VPIP: 20, PFR: 15, 3B: 4, AF: 4.0, Hands: 61
Seat 5: Hero $17.34 USD - VPIP: 23, PFR: 19, 3B: 7, AF: 3.4, Hands: 1527448
Seat 6: Player6 $16.69 USD - VPIP: 22, PFR: 17, 3B: 8, AF: 2.0, Hands: 1511
Player6 posts small blind [$0.08 USD].
Player1 posts big blind [$0.16 USD].

Dealt to Hero [QhKh ]
Player2 folds
Player3 raises [$0.48 USD]
Player4 folds
Hero calls [$0.48 USD]
Player6 folds
Player1 calls [$0.32 USD]

Flop (Pot : $1.52)

Player1 checks
Player3 bets [$0.48 USD]
Hero raises [$1.61 USD]
Player1 folds
Player3 raises [$2.56 USD]
Hero raises [$15.25 USD]
Player3 calls [$9.52 USD]
Hero wins $4.30 USD

Turn (Pot : $25.68)


River (Pot : $25.68)

Player3 shows JcJs
Player3 wins $25.44 USD from main pot
Hero doesn't show QhKh

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Mar 12 2014 04:52. Posts 15143

blehhh so obvious
I get induced by these so much when I play my B and worse game even tho its nuts every time.

Just try to teach myself when confused, play tight, and when someone does this, take the stupid good odds and flat right

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93% Sure!  

punix   Germany. Mar 12 2014 04:58. Posts 406

yeah i know dat feel.
atm those hands are exactly happening to me....
all my premiums that i raise PF get instantly folded by everyone and i only get to flop with good but not premium hands like QK/s and then get dominated by some shit...
i would just call his raise on the flop and then basically you have to x/f the turn.

lazymej   Canada. Mar 12 2014 05:38. Posts 2897

  On March 12 2014 03:52 LemOn[5thF] wrote:
take the stupid good odds and flat right

Yeah.. I don't think you have any FE when he 3bets you OTF unless you guys have some kind of crazy dynamic. Even then, like you said he is giving you ridiculous odds.

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Mar 12 2014 07:02. Posts 15143

Ye okay but as a general rule when you masstable/play tilted
teaching self to be playing really tight when u get confused/face a gay line is best right?

I mean when Im tilted I try to find reasons not to fold and brain always bends the facts and picks information the way you want

93% Sure! Last edit: 12/03/2014 07:17

punix   Germany. Mar 12 2014 07:18. Posts 406

yep i have the same issues:
on tilt i find reasons to not fold where as i should just fold.

getting 3bet pre by a guy that 3bets like 15% on BvB and I tell myself okay gonna call with those suited connector as they could flop pretty well.
flop just a top pair and guy keeps barrelling hard and I call him down to bluffcatch already with an akward feeling of an overpair. just to see it.

Like on a AAJ board the preflop aggressor keeps barreling and I call because I have an J.
Turn is another A and he barrels and I reraise and instantly reshoves and I already think shit Iam beat 100% but then my tilting mind tells me: why did you call the flop then just to lay down the hand now? No you have to see what is happening, he could be bluffing. Ofc he turn over an A.

My mind really does super stupid things when Iam not running well

GoldRush   United States. Mar 12 2014 12:42. Posts 1025

know the feelin beenthereobv, ya really not a good timeto stack offthere.....i flat and look to improve - if i miss turn i may fold to many 67% bets++

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