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General Profile:
User name Karma
Joined Sunday, 20th of November 2005
Birthday March 11, 1987
Country Australia
Quote fish mentality
Total Posts 3538
Average Posts Per Day 0.65
Average Posts Per Week 4.55
Posts made in the last week 0

Karma 's Public Profile:
One of the filthiest half-competent grinders known, Karma has deep roots in the most undesirable soils of the poker earth. Despite this he has failed to make even the slightest contribution to the community, and with mostly simple, substandard reads and little creativity, the occasional hero call is clearly nothing but a fluke. A slight apathetic orientation is one of the master's few strengths, but also his greatest weakness once cash cravings provoke the money-hungry beast he is. His shameful early displays of sub-human logical analysis are less a grounding reminder of his past than a disturbingly conspicuous threat to his future. Although there have been huge improvements in Karma's technique since his extremely humble beginnings, he remains a highly useless leech to society and the poker-related arts and technologies.

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