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Long overdue hello

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chiam_ace   Malaysia. Sep 26 2011 04:03. Posts 30
Hi guys I decided that after lurking around here for almost 2-3 months since I started playing poker ( since 2002), might as well start posting.

Briefly something about me: I've been playing competitive SC:BW, winning some local tournaments nothing huge, mediocre player on various SC ladders earlier and played some SC2 too (mid diamond but stopped playing many months ago). Since then I've cannot maintain the interest in competitive gaming anymore as it seriously takes a lot of effort and the rewards are mentally-satisfying at best.

Started playing poker about 2 months ago, remembering that Pokerstrategy sponsored TSL before and got down some basics from there. However I don't really like the community there as it was not as close-knit and commercialized. I still visit their site regularly though. However generally I like to read everything here in LP since it's mostly consist of ex-sc players which I can easily relate to. My bankroll currently stands at around $300 (deposited $50 twice and worked from there) and I'm now playing NL10 on Party. Planning to learn and improve as I always did from here and pokerstrategy until my bankroll can afford a membership from one of the training sites in the future.

A lot of people might tell me starting poker these days aren't worth it anymore and it's harder than ever to be a winning player. Although that might be a good cause of concern, I still think the game is fun and mentally challenging, encourages self-discipline and control, and if I could be a mediocre winning player - why not

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PuertoRican   United States. Sep 26 2011 05:15. Posts 11667


Don't forget to follow MMA events in the General forum.

Rekrul is a newb 

Thall   Switzerland. Sep 26 2011 06:47. Posts 355

Welcome and the best of luck to you!

Follow his MMA event threads as he does an amazing job keeping everything up to date and everyone well informed!

chiam_ace   Malaysia. Sep 26 2011 07:28. Posts 30

heheh i noticed!

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Sep 26 2011 11:04. Posts 4661

welcome, i like your attitude to poker, except for one thing. Why would you wanna be a mediocre player when you can become a high stakes baller.

supposed to have greenstar not bracelet 

Tensai176   Canada. Sep 26 2011 13:31. Posts 1018


Mariuslol   Norway. Sep 26 2011 21:33. Posts 4741

When I first started here everyone hated me, then I started to follow the MMA threads on the general forum and now everyone thinks i'm a bwass.

chiam_ace   Malaysia. Sep 27 2011 00:02. Posts 30

  On September 26 2011 10:04 Stroggoz wrote:
welcome, i like your attitude to poker, except for one thing. Why would you wanna be a mediocre player when you can become a high stakes baller.

i call it setting realistic goals, i guess?

lol looks like MMA here is more important than i thought


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