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Cashout from PS

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LsDDeaD   Bulgaria. Sep 09 2011 11:00. Posts 165
Hi.I'm rarely using my VISA, so yesterday when I had to make some payments there was about $10 left and I decided to have a little fun.Now It's $55 and I want to cash out but obv. you can cash out at least $100 via VISA.
So the trick is here - I can do it with a Direct Bank transfer but I wonder - in order to have VISA you need bank account attached to it anyways (that's the one I'm going to use) so is it alloweded to cash out using this bank account cause it makes no sense to me - when I try VISA I need at least $100 for the cashout, but when I'm using the bank account for that it OK or they won't procceed my transfer?

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SoC   United Kingdom. Sep 09 2011 11:47. Posts 999

Yeh just cash to your bank, that's how I do it. No idea why they require $100 minimum probably to keep transfer fees low with visa I imagine.

LsDDeaD   Bulgaria. Sep 09 2011 11:57. Posts 165

Dunno, but I've just recieved letter form PS support - no problem to use the same bank account.Thanks


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