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Bullshit   Canada. Jun 03 2011 22:10. Posts 738
probably didnt play that good today lol def made a lot of mistakes and ran really good I think I got tired later on and played bad

dont think I'll keep up with these blogs and will just do a graph at the end of the month

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johnmagi   Norway. Jun 04 2011 05:35. Posts 1424

in b4 doomswitch

Sanity   United States. Jun 04 2011 17:03. Posts 1076

wow man, your graphs have been quite impressive, esp. for the stakes your playin. keep it up

YoMeR   United States. Jun 05 2011 20:44. Posts 12432

  On June 04 2011 04:35 johnmagi wrote:
in b4 doomswitch

pfft people spammed my blog posts with these posts. never happened

eZ Life. 


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