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szogunMMA   Poland. May 05 2011 03:36. Posts 444
I am "decent" TAG. I put it in speech marks because mainly my game is solid with thing to work on. I won't discuss tilt here because i work on my psyche alot and i am very very good motivated, self-confident and i have good approach to this part of the game.

After 88,000 hands that i played last 4 months (now i play 6-7 hours a day so this is going to be much much more) i am breaking even. I will not concentrate on making excuces or justify why is how it is.

Feel free to say anything You want :-)

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rS.Wisdom[9]   Poland. May 05 2011 04:14. Posts 1284

I think more so than just looking at your numerical stats, you should analyze your frequent opponents' stats to find their leaks and figure out ways to exploit them. You shouldn't look for a perfect way to play against everybody, but a better way to play vs each individual that's different from how you play now.

szogunMMA   Poland. May 05 2011 04:20. Posts 444

Thank You
I do play differently, this is just overall view

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sunnysky7   . May 05 2011 04:22. Posts 1549

maybe play 2-4 hours a day i dunno , i had several 6+ hours session and tbh its not that great
when i focus on playing like 2 hours i can make it better than long run session
and how many tables u often play? 4-6 i would suggest here
nl25-50 i think keep playing solid and make less spwey moves u can win easily
keep in mind focus on playing against fish or bad reg
and avoid steal/resteal 3b/4b/shove bluff dymanics vs aggro regs
its okay to balance ur range or defend steal , but overall i think it really doesnt matter that much
u can easily win a big pot with showdown against calling station or fish

traxamillion   United States. May 05 2011 04:36. Posts 10468

your a nit!

szogunMMA   Poland. May 05 2011 04:39. Posts 444

i play 3-4 sessions for 1,5-2h then i make at least 30min breaks

Achoo   Canada. May 05 2011 04:49. Posts 1454

Hint: stats don't matter. This is how you play your hands and what range of hands you're able to determine when playing a hand, how to exploit your opponents, what's their thought process and how you can adapt to a strategy that will actually earns you money...

Odds are exactly 50%: it either happens or not 

szogunMMA   Poland. May 05 2011 05:09. Posts 444

ok that's true, how can I know if some play is ok
i cant post 20hands every day asking is this cbet ok, can I ?

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Arirang   Canada. May 05 2011 07:38. Posts 1673

I don't respect the choice of you being a pro poker player when breaking even at NL25-NL50 when you have a family to provide for. I find that grossly irresponsible.

That being said, to improve, I don't think posting a hand or two of the 88,000 hands you have on LSP forum is not a bad idea.

szogunMMA   Poland. May 05 2011 09:49. Posts 444

ppl in my city earn 500$ for one month of work (5days a week 9hours a day) job
if i couldn't make month by month that much i would quit i tell u that

anyway thx for honesty

rS.Wisdom[9]   Poland. May 05 2011 11:52. Posts 1284

what city do you live in?

szogunMMA   Poland. May 05 2011 14:04. Posts 444

jestem z Białegostoku

rS.Wisdom[9]   Poland. May 05 2011 16:27. Posts 1284

jest Białystok? jestem z ameryki ale mieszkanie w poznańiu. uczy się język polskiego ale teraz mówie tylko trochę

rS.Wisdom[9]   Poland. May 05 2011 16:28. Posts 1284

oof those polish characters dont work i guess

qwerty67890   New Zealand. May 05 2011 17:43. Posts 14026

you play 22,000 hands a month, which is low volume even for a part-time player and youre playing 6-7 hours a day so i guess youre like 3 tabling or something

get a job
stop calling yourself "decent TAG" when you are a breakeven/losing player
stop posting in my hands with an unwavering arrogance when youre shit

kind regards


DvoBoardRider   Afghanistan. May 05 2011 22:51. Posts 849

play 4 tables max for 6 months. if you are still a breakeven/losing player, get a coach or something...

szogunMMA   Poland. May 06 2011 02:53. Posts 444

I started 4tabling only
byrnesam i see u took it very personaly, my advice would be to practice on making your ego smaller (meditation is nice)

truly best regars

P.S. "decent" is taken in speech marks. I know my value

 Last edit: 06/05/2011 02:54

qwerty67890   New Zealand. May 06 2011 04:30. Posts 14026

you aren't decent, regardless of whether you put it in speech marks.
you are a losing/break-even player.
so who needs to check their ego?

first step is honesty. If you were honest to yourself, you would have been out looking for a job 4 months ago - regardless of how motivated you are to play poker, the online poker economy is about the worst its ever been since its inception and shows little sign of improving and the games are tough these days.

this is your chosen career, youre going to (try) make $500 a month playing online for the rest of youre life. FWIW youve probably worked harder than you would have in any job over the last 4 months and you have nothing to show for it.

get a job, learn to win at poker in your spare time and eventually quit your job if/when youre making significantly more than you would be in your job.

this is genuine advice and if you dont listen to it youre an idiot and will ultimately drive yourself insane and destitute as you try and beat a game you cant month after month.

szogunMMA   Poland. May 06 2011 06:29. Posts 444

i respect your opinion


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