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HU 4 beginners

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LsDDeaD   Bulgaria. Mar 22 2011 06:17. Posts 165
Hi.I play mostly 6max, but really want to start playing HU as part of my poker progress.So here is the question, which site should I choose for a soft competition on the low HU limits.I see myself playing 20-50NL HU and I've noticed that many players prefer PartyPoker, Ipoker, and sites like this for such kind of games, so what would you recommend?

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KeyleK_uk   United Kingdom. Mar 22 2011 08:42. Posts 1687

- Due to the rake structure of low stakes hu cash I would definately implore you to play low stakes hu sngs until rolled for 0.5/1 or 1/2 hu.

- Create your own games and take on all comers, you'll still get to play good players but also will get to play your share of fish, dont bumhunt too much or you will have no skillz. But dont go joining regs games as you might as well try to play fish.

Full tilt
other bigger networks (Ipoker Partypoker etc)
Small sites

from top to bottom they have the A) toughest games B) Most games. So all sites in a way are equal because you'll get more volume at the bigger sites (No wait time at all for anything below 100 buyin pretty much) but the average level of play will be significantly higher.

- Rakeback will be a huge part of your profit (15-50% depending on how good you are) so get a good rakeback deal

Hope this helps

poker is soooo much easier when you flop setsLast edit: 22/03/2011 08:44

LsDDeaD   Bulgaria. Mar 22 2011 09:29. Posts 165

Thanks for the post, It really leads me to some spots I didn't think about where maybe the most important one is the rakeback.So ineed you post is really helpful, I'll search for the bes rakeback deal and maybe this will be the most improtant factor while chosing where to play.Since I have PS anf FTP accounts with no rakeback would someone suggest something.Right now I'm thinking about Partypoker, but since I've read for the merging I'm not so sure, so anyone else who is willing to help with opinion?


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