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I must be doing something wrong.

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ahole-surprise   United States. Mar 11 2011 01:40. Posts 78
Anyone want to offer coaching for 6max on PS? Or maybe someone to just watch my sessions.

I was properly rolled for NL25. After what seems like endless bad beats and coolers, I am no longer properly rolled for NL25. I am now playing NL10 and things have continued as before. It's like one day I'll make +1 BI, the next day -2BI, the next day -6BI, -9BI, +2BI, -9BI.

I am constantly getting sucked out on. I am constantly getting coolered. But maybe I'm putting myself in situations for that to happen? My bet sizing is proper, I just get fucked over and over. But maybe something is wrong. Over 150k hands this can't be just bad luck unless PS hates me and fucked my account.

I'd like coaching but what I really want right now is an experienced player to watch my sessions and see what I'm seeing. I need to know that this shit isn't just me.

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Arirang   Canada. Mar 11 2011 02:53. Posts 1673

What you say is called sweating and it's categorized under coaching afaic.

atlih007   Iceland. Mar 11 2011 03:13. Posts 44

Can you post graphs ?

$EV/100bb tells alot about how you're doing at the stakes

Mortensen8   Chad. Mar 11 2011 03:54. Posts 1841

Do you have holdem manager? do you watch a video after every session? also reviewing the hands you played and taking notes on the players. Consider it a long term process almost no one is instantly good at poker. There is no shame in moving down playing under rolled is very tilting because everything matters too much. Also you focus maybe too much on what you made one day to the other (easy to say) instead you should look at your play and see if you made mistakes.
Edit: I see you say you are getting coolered that could be so but you probably have other leaks that you are unaware of

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edzwoo   United States. Mar 11 2011 03:58. Posts 5911

If you make a little video of yourself playing 4-6 tables I wouldn't mind going over it.

ahole-surprise   United States. Mar 11 2011 10:52. Posts 78

@atlih007: i am currently using pokertracker and i'm like 9 BI under EV. however, I don't think that tells the story because I seem to get a lot of AA or KK and someone always calls my 3bet with a underpair and flops a set. Usually goes like this: 3 bet pfr, villain calls. something like 265 rainbow, I bet close to pot, he just flats, -> turn reraise and i'm like wtf do i do here. or they just raise it on the flop and there's a flush draw out there too, and it's always a fucking set. in those situations, your all-in EV on flop would be bad so the graph doesn't reflect the shittiness of the situation.

Same with when it seems like flush draws always hit against me in non-all in situations.

@edzwoo: cool, i'll look into using camtasia

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