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FTP Acct for GF

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Augury   United States. Feb 04 2010 19:11. Posts 222
If I made an FTP account for my girlfriend, would I be able to deposit money into the account using my bank account, or would FTP ban the account or something?

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Feb 04 2010 19:17. Posts 8158

better speak with FTP's support
& wow fnatic still exists?

egood   United States. Feb 04 2010 19:25. Posts 1883

i was thinking about doing this in order to get an acct with rakeback but wasn't sure if depositing would work.

Augury   United States. Feb 04 2010 19:25. Posts 222

yeah lol 

Augury   United States. Feb 04 2010 19:30. Posts 222

I send FTP an e-mail, I'll let you guys know the response. 

WastedGate   United States. Feb 04 2010 19:43. Posts 667

theres no way they will let you deposit for her w/o calling you a multi accounter. best bet is to get some sort of deposit method like a pre pair gift card routine and load up money that way. have the card in her name obv.

wait wha? 

Sicks Macks   United States. Feb 04 2010 19:57. Posts 3929

You're going to need to win a lot of money on that account to buy a girlfriend. I would suggest taking full advantage of the $600 deposit bonus. Also, I started my account to buy ski vacations, but I've found I really like the game and have kept some money on to play with, so don't get too tied down to the idea of having a girlfriend and just play for fun. GL!

Mr. Will Throwit 

Augury   United States. Feb 04 2010 20:11. Posts 222

Can I buy one with FTP points? 

SugoGosu   Korea (South). Feb 04 2010 21:26. Posts 1793

i dont think so, but you can buy a wife on stars

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