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EzPzLmnSqz   United States. Jan 20 2010 04:23. Posts 549
took a shot at the rush games and got doomswitched. fish everywhere but o well. i think i was 15 BI under EV?
couldnt care less actually. not even gonna bother with the whine HH and graphs etc.
it's kind of a relieving feeling.
gonna focus on university and working out, studies as well as my social life etc. all i lost was 50$, and that'll be it.
I can honestly say i had fun on and enjoyed the community as i was here. Thanks to everyone who offered friendship and advice. GL all.

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keuner   Germany. Jan 20 2010 04:42. Posts 1535

none can quit poker that easy dude.
we will see you sooner or later! ;P

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fenner   Australia. Jan 20 2010 04:50. Posts 2188

you will be back, gl with life

LikeASet   United States. Jan 20 2010 04:54. Posts 2113

see you next week...

phasE89   Czech Republic. Jan 20 2010 05:32. Posts 201

anyway GL in RL

4Kingell   United Kingdom. Jan 20 2010 05:33. Posts 1453

GL - as said above - it's not that easy to walk away.....see you when you are bored of the other RL stuff...

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FullBRing   Philippines. Jan 20 2010 07:28. Posts 581

make a week break, deposit 600 and repeat

EscapingR   Netherlands. Jan 20 2010 08:11. Posts 2353

you can't ever walk away from poker, so many have tried and none have succeeded.


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