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Jamie217   Canada. Nov 04 2009 14:06. Posts 4320
Well like I said in my last blog I started off the month -15k mostly in 25 50... so I decided to just focus on 5 10 for the month and hopefully grind back everything and then some.

Ive also started playing more plo just starting at 3 6 for now and its been going really well. I might look into getting a coach since I only know the very basics but thats all it seems to take at the msnl level.

Anyways this is only today on ipoker and stars... <3 ipoker so far just put money on there and doing really well



And now for the month im somehow +8 or 9k after starting -15k mostly in 5 10 nl and 3 6 plo... so decent last 3days overall

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edzwoo   United States. Nov 04 2009 14:12. Posts 5911

joLin   United States. Nov 04 2009 15:05. Posts 3818

youre a beast.

YoUr_KiLLeR @ TL 

Joeingram1   United States. Nov 11 2009 14:17. Posts 943

too good, seems like a solid day though

lazymej   Canada. Nov 12 2009 14:20. Posts 2897



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