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PLO Hand Reading

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Adaptation   Canada. Jul 13 2009 16:59. Posts 132
BTW for those who read this, i don't pretend to be some PLO master, i just decided to write my considerations about the game cause i needed to get my ideas straight.

Preflop ranges against your loose passive micro stakes PLO fish

VPIP 45+/PR:4, and their range is pretty much any pairs, any double suited cards, any 3 straight cards. They have such a wide range that any flop can give them a set, two pair... You don't know that much about their hand. The rare time they raise, is clearly aces, kings, or double suited high card wraps. The flop comes J43, he could easily have TT43 or something silly.

I found that against these guys who limps A LOT, your better out overlimping a large % of your range, because first they will never limp fold, and so your often pushing a small preflop equity. ie:

Villain1 has Ks7s2d4d 25.44%
Villain2 has Ac2s7h8h 33.59%
Hero has QdJcTh9d 40.97%

Something like that is really really close. Your better off waiting to the flop where you can crush him with real equity. That dosen't mean you should never raise, because QJT8 will sometimes completely crush lower wraps, but you should still be careful. With these people its simply ''which equity do i want to push the most, a 5% or a 15%.''

Again i want to make it clear that this is mainly against loose passive. Against a tag, you need to push any equity you can have, cause thats probably the only one you will have.

Anyway, thats my 2 cents.

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