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BJLTNYK   United States. Jul 12 2009 00:22. Posts 1226
Still in with 664k after day 4. Basically doubled up about 30 minutes in and broke even the rest of the day. Played with Lou Diamond Phillips and JC Tran most of the day. Lou is a surprisingly tough player for an actor I've gotta say and JC Tran is super sick as well. Dennis Phillips got moved to our table for a little also but bled off 100k pretty quick before our table broke. Got moved to Hac Dang's table(trex313) to end where I basically did nothing and broke even there too.

Pretty excited to still be in. GL everyone else still in.


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SmartFAB: lol u are the worst play in history of online poker bj 

fakeshaver   United States. Jul 12 2009 00:30. Posts 1313

gl own some souls

BalloonFight   United States. Jul 12 2009 00:37. Posts 1380

good stuff, gl for day 5!

TenBagger   United States. Jul 12 2009 00:40. Posts 2018


Quocy04   United States. Jul 12 2009 01:01. Posts 41

one time baby gee gee gee 

Uptown   . Jul 12 2009 01:08. Posts 3557


Half Pot! 

Jamie217   Canada. Jul 12 2009 01:21. Posts 4320

sick man gl!

nutshot   United States. Jul 12 2009 01:21. Posts 4539

rated 1 star

BJLTNYK: d00000000000000000000000000000000000000d 


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