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level 3 thinking

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angryfishes   Australia. Apr 21 2009 20:02. Posts 410
so i read about this story the other day, of zhuge liang the great military strategist.

zhuge liangs army was out far away doing some stuff, while he was just chilling in the city of a recently conquered place with like 10 men. suddenly, he got news that the enemey general was approaching the city with his massive 999999 army. there was no way zhuge liangs army could come back in time. so zhuge liang immediately ordered everyone to disarm, start the city fires, and do normal people things, and leave the city gate wide open. of coz everyone was like WUT! he then decided it would be uber to sit on the city wall next to the gates, and start playing his flute.

so the general and his massive army approach the city. they see the city functioning as normal and everyone at ease, which is of coz super weird since they shld be all defensive knowing an army is coming. then they are like omg ship it and start walking thru the opened city gates. suddenly the general sees the uber zhuge liang playing his flute and recognises him. knowing of his fearsome repuation, he knew it couldnt be this easy and concluded....




and immediately ran his 99999 army back home

the end

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Silver_nz   New Zealand. Apr 21 2009 20:59. Posts 5647

lol good story. so level 1 is thinking "he has nothing" level 2 is" oh, he's faking he has nothing"??
how do you count the levels here?

angryfishes   Australia. Apr 21 2009 21:20. Posts 410

not too sure but i think goes like this

level 1 is playing straightforward
level 2 is playing what u think ur opponent has
level 3 is playing ur opponent who is playing what he thinks you have

general is level 2 and think if he has army he wont open gate.
so level 3 zhuge liang knows if hes at level 2, he wont come in. so he arranges it so and hes on level 3

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collegesucks   United States. Apr 22 2009 01:11. Posts 5780

zhuge liang is the shit

go read the romance of the three kingdoms if you haven't already

it has been said that one should not discuss the world with someone who hasn't read the romance of the three kingdoms


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