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A little success

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EXCELED   Canada. Apr 10 2009 04:24. Posts 401
I had a pretty solid day today at the tables. I manged to get in about 4k hands which is great because the more hands I can put in the more rakebac I get and I can clear my bonus faster.

I made the switch to UB last week and so far it been alright. I definitly like Stars a lot better but I gotta be somewhere that I can get rakeback and UB was the best for me since I couldnt go to FTP. But so far its been a good pick.

For a start today I didnt dig myself a hole to climb out of all day which was nice. I was trying out full ring for a while but its just so boring and I really wasnt doing that well in it so I went back to my ol' 6 max. Good thing I did. Since then Ive made about 10 buyins in the last 3 days, 3 of those buy ins coming today.

I had to drop back down to NL10 because I went on a shitty downswing before I switched sites and I wanted to buy a few things so I kept enough to have a solid roll for NL10 and I also got the 111% deposit bonus which when cleared I will be rolled for NL25.

Ive been playing in a few more tourneys then usual. Watching all the SCOOP tourneys inspired me to improve my game a bit there. It would jus be so sick to take one of those puppies down. Would be life changing for sure. The tourneys on UB arent that grate. There no where close to as big prize pools as Stars but the fields are WAY smaller lol. I played in a 2k Gaurntee 6 max tourney today and did awesome. I managed to come 3rd for $280. I made a sick call vs a monster stack and he lucked out on me I would have had a 8 to 1 chip lead going into heads up but hey what can yea do. Im glad I did well in this tourney. I actually enjoyed playing a tourney for once lol. Im going to probably try and play in atleast one a day from now on. Hopefully Ill get a big score one day lol.

So with that win from the tourney I dont have to grind that shit NL10 anymore. I can get back to NL25 and start owning it up! This tourney score couldnt have came at a better time :D Im not sure how the NL25 plays here on UB but Im guessing its just going to be a fish pond with a few crazy nits. Should be fun.

Tomorrow Im going back home pretty early. My old man is going to be here at 10am and its fucking 4am right now lol. There no way Im going to get to sleep. I still got some adrenaline from the tourney going lol. Might just rip a bong and hope It does the trick. My old man got Toronto FC tickets for the game on Saturday. I love going to these things even though Toronto FC is garbage. The fans make the game lol there hilarious. Pretty pumped for that.

Anyways guys I gotta crash.
Hope everyone had a good day at the tables.

CHEERS! :beer"


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terrybunny19240   United States. Apr 10 2009 10:22. Posts 13829

gl in tournies!


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